BYU basketball report card: Cougs start and finish hot to get revenge on Pepperdine

Published: Friday, Jan. 10 2014 12:01 a.m. MST

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Collinsworth was the MVP of the game, nearly pulling off a triple double. He finished with 15 points and led the team in rebounds (10), assists (nine) and steals (three). He had only a pair of turnovers, one of which came on the first play of the game. Now if he could just find a free-throw coach.

Halford pressed on in his newfound leadership role, taking more shots than any player not named Haws. He made half his shots for 18 points and pulled down six rebounds. He did have three turnovers to only one assist.

Haws played pretty much as he has all season. He was money from the foul line (9-of-9), occasionally caught fire from the field (11-of-23 with both very hot and very cold stretches), and didn’t do much else. He finished below his season average in assists, which is only possible if he doesn’t get a single one. He also only had one rebound in 33 minutes. Haws’ role on this team? Get open and shoot, and he caught fire at the right times Thursday.

Matt Carlino came off the bench for the second straight game, playing 22 minutes. He was effective in those minutes, scoring 10 points, dishing six assists and grabbing three rebounds.

Frank Bartley IV continues to slide back down the bench after playing a prominent role earlier in the season. He played only two minutes — five times less than Luke Worthington. Who saw that coming? Anson Winder, on the other hand, saw his minutes jump to 20 — five times more than he played versus Pepperdine 10 days ago.

Virtually all the pressure was put on BYU’s guards in this game, and they came through with a 12-point win over a team they just lost to. From that perspective, it was a job well done.

Grade: B
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Central, UT

Wow, a WCC conference game that is a home game for BYU and the author mentions the Running Utes multiple times, what's up with that?

Taylorsville, UT

Good analysis of the game last night. However, while I may understand the need to mention Utah in the "Coaching" portion of the article, I'm not sure sure why the need to mention them in the "Crowd" portion. It seems like just a petty jab at the Utah fan base. While it is true there were more fans at this game (14,000+) than Utah had at their game against Oregon (13,426), the Marriott Center was still only at 69%, while the Huntsman Center was at 90%.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Hey, that's 4 times as many as were attending Utah games just two years ago.

Chill out, kids. Comparisons aren't always intended as a jab, and if this one was, it was poorly aimed. Utah basketball is moving in the right direction. Enjoy it!

Plano, TX

My advice to BYU and Utah fans is the same I gave divorced couples; other than being polite when you meet, forget about each other and move on in your own respective lives.

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