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Published: Sunday, Jan. 5 2014 11:16 p.m. MST

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Overall, only 7 percent of those who were asked whether they considered alimony or child support a regular expense in their home answered in the affirmative. When separated by age, two demographics were more likely to consider this category a regular expense than the overall average.

Adults ages 18 to 29 said yes at a rate of 13 percent, while 9 percent of adults ages 30 to 49 also paid either alimony or child support regularly. When divided into income levels, the lowest category available (those with a total family income under $30,000) also had the highest rate of those who considered alimony or child support a regular expense, with 11 percent of respondents in that category saying yes.

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The Final Word
Alpine, UT

Cable/Satellite bills.

The bane of our existence. If I didn't watch alot of live sports I would have cut the cord long ago.

Those of you who don't watch live sport you should cut the cord immediately and stop flushing your money down the drain. Netflix, network websites, Roku, WDTV, Chromecast, Apple TV, Hulu, and the list goes on.

If these companies want to exist they should offer a way for us to pay for the channels we want. Yes I know one subsidizes another blah blah blah.

Its and old broken model that extorts too much money for the 6-8 six channels I watch (sprinkled through 3 tiers of billing packages).

Society needs to organize and end this. Every household could use an extra $1-2K per year.

West Jordan, UT

Final Word, I hear ya. We are sports junkies at our house, too. Satellite TV feeds our addiction for sure! Otherwise, we would flush it and save ourselves some money.

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