Power rankings commentary: Pac-12, WCC, MWC men's basketball, Version 5

Published: Friday, Jan. 3 2014 7:00 p.m. MST

Now that the non-conference portion of the college basketball season is basically over, let’s take a look back at how things have gone.

Since these power rankings debuted on Nov. 21, the top two spots have not changed. Arizona and Oregon have continued to find ways to win each game they have played.

Utah, Colorado and San Diego State have been the most pleasant surprises with UNLV pressing to join that list after a rough start.

The most disappointing teams have been BYU, Saint Mary’s, Utah State and New Mexico. BYU has fallen 10 spots from where it debuted.

Last season 13 teams currently in Pac-12, Mountain West or West Coast conferences made the NCAA Tournament. As was discussed in the initial power rankings, none of those teams made the Elite 8 and only two even made the Sweet 16.

As of Jan. 2, according to ESPN’s renowned Bracketology expert Joe Lunardi there are 10 teams from these conferences currently projected to make the NCAA Tournament this season.

Arizona and Oregon, the highest seeded teams in the projections, have looked impressive this season, but certainly not unbeatable. They have both survived close calls in games they easily could have lost.

With the season still young as conference play is now just beginning, it would not be a surprise to see another NCAA Tournament this season with no teams from these conferences in the Elite 8. On the flip side, there are some tough, dangerous teams like Colorado, Gonzaga or San Diego State that could get hot at the right time and make a deep tournament run.

Here is the fifth edition of the Pac-12/MWC/WCC power rankings (win/loss through Jan. 2, stats/rankings through Jan. 1):

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Utah's BPI is now 47, not 57.


Without Shaw, USU just doesn't look that good. Either they bring him back or Jalen Moore and other young guys will have to step up big time or they may miss any postseason. I hope they can turn it around, but not really optimistic for them. To start the year, they looked like they may be able to win the MWC.

Central, UT

You still must have BYU on some kind of list, give me a break. You were wrong for having them so high earlier and you still can't cut your losses and drop them. The cougs will get some wins in a very weak conference and will move up the list just because they will have a winning record...barely.

Old ball coach1
Sandy, UT

From what I gave seen in the west....

1) Arizona
3) Colorado
4) New Mexico
5) Oregon
7). Gonzaga
8). California
9) Boise state
10) Utah.....

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