Half of Utah's 2013 homicides involved family members, personal relationships

Published: Thursday, Jan. 2 2014 5:32 p.m. MST

About half of Utah's homicides during 2013 occurred between family members or those in personal relationships. These are snapshots of the approximately 50 homicides that occurred this past year.

Utah homicides: Questions in many 2013 cases may never be answered

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Eden, UT

We fear strangers, but in reality most murders occur in the family or with close friends. We buy guns to protect our family, but often the same gun is used to kill family members.

Alpine, UT

1-15 years for murder? shocking.

Centerville, UT

Notice that over a third of the homicides were not committed with a firearm. Gun homicides also included police shootings, self-defense shootings, shootings related to drug and gang activity and suicides or domestic violence. Only about 3 or 4 homicides did not fall into these categories.

This article DOES NOT include the number of incidents where a gun was used to frighten away assailants who were not killed or where no shot was even fired. It also does not include ANY analysis of why Utah's murder rate is one of the lowest in the country. Could it be because of the risk to career criminals because Utahns are so heavily armed in their homes and with legally carried concealed weapons?

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Centerville, UT

All the

Doesn't bring one dead person back from those guns.

[BTW - I'm not saying ban guns,
I'm just saying sticking your head in the sand, ignoring or justifying isn't helping anyone.]

Salt Lake City, UT

@Tumbleweed Another way of saying this is 2/3rds of homicides were committed with a gun. A gun bought to defend the family members who ended up being killed by them.

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