Five Ole Miss players to watch for

Published: Friday, Sept. 2 2011 11:08 a.m. MDT

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AP Photo/Oxford Eagle, Bruce Newman
Bolden is regarded as one of the Southeastern Conference's top backs. He led the Rebels in rushing yards (976) and receptions (32) in 2010. He rushed for 14 touchdowns and caught three TD passes. He enters his senior year ranked second in school history in touchdowns scored (32) and rushing TDs (23) and is seventh in rushing yards (2,132).
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Cedar Hills, UT

BYU is going to have a really hard time winning this game. Playing in the humidity against an SEC team - pretty tall order.

Prediction: Ole Miss 31 BYU 13

A.F., UT


BYU is actually favored by 3 points. For their home opener last year Ole Miss lost to an FCS team. Look for BYU to exploit a weak secondary and come out on top. BYU 31 Ole Miss 21.

Highland, UT

I am so excited for this game tomorrow!

West Jordan, UT

Five BYU players to watch for:

Jake Heaps
Ross Apo
Cody Hoffman
Joshua Quezada
JJ DiLuigi
Matt Reynolds
Houston Reynolds
Austin Holt
Kyle Van Noy
Jordan Pendleton
Uona Kaveinga
Hebron Fangupo
Jameson Frazier
Ezekiel Ansah
Corby Eason

Oops, was that more than five?

Go Cougs!!!

DD JayMario
American Fork, UT

BYU won't be able to stop the run as the game wears on. Bolden is going to play in the NFL next year. The Ole Miss offensive line is huge. The heat and humidity will wear down the Cougars D in the second half. The question will be whether BYU's offense can keep scoring. I expect a high-scoring game, probably something like 38-31. Kick it off already!

Dallas, TX

Looks like it could be raining at game-time or during the game.

Eagle Mountain, UT

BYU will be able to stop the run as the game wears on with a two deep rotation on the D-line and at LB. Reynolds and Brown are going to play in the NFL next year and Heaps, Apo, Van Noy and several others will follow them over the next few years. The BYU offensive line is huge, experienced and deep. The heat and humidity will wear down both teams in the second half but BYU's depth will prove too much for Old Miss. The question will be whether Old Miss can keep up with BYU's scoring. I expect a high-scoring game with BYU pulling away a bit in the second half, probably something like 31-20. Kick it off already!
Go Cougars!

DD JayMario
American Fork, UT

You got me, TJ. Nice response. But it's "Ole" Miss, not "Old" Miss. Come on now. Let's stay focused on our speling. Don't mean to be a wet blanket, but Tex says it's going to rain at game-time or during the game. That could be bad news for Jake Heaps. He's 0-1 in road games in which it rains. He can't throw a wet ball. Slippery. Plus, BYU hasn't won a single game in 2011. This would be a big first. Also, in early-season road games in the South, BYU hasn't ever won when the game is played during the day on grass on ESPN. BYU hasn't ever won in a city starting with the letter "O" except for Ogden when they beat Weber State in tennis. One more thing. The Cougars have only beaten one other team with the "Rebels" mascot, and that was UNLV last year. These aren't good signs for the Cougars.

Kick it off!

West Jordan, UT

Lets face it, BYU has play makers all over the field on both sides of the ball.

If Ole Miss' QB, who has not taken a snap in this offense and has only played in four other D1 games total, is top 5 in regards to someone we should be "watching" I guess I'm not sold that this team is very good.

If by "watching" you mean watch him get sack several times, throw ill-advised passes and overall make bad decisions on the field, I guess Ill be watching that.

Go Cougs!!!

Meridian, ID

BYU will handle Ole Miss. Here's why:

1) Ole Miss has the WORST secondary in the SEC. They allowed more passing yards last year than any other team in the SEC, and they haven't improved. BYU, on the other hand, has Heaps (who is still learning, but can make the throws) and tall, fast, talented receivers in Apo and Hoffman, not to mention their smaller, speedy receivers who will spread the field out.
2) Ole Miss is breaking in a new quarterback, who will most definitely have some growing pains to work out. He will fumble it at least once, and he will throw at least one interception.
3) BYU may struggle to stop the run, but will ultimately succeed. Without a running game, Ole Miss has no offense, and therefore cannot score.

I'm not saying BYU will kill Ole Miss. It will be a good game.

But in the end, BYU will win.

BYU 27 Ole Miss 16

Springville, UT

I live 2 hours away from this game and will be there for it. Let me assure you that these last couple of weeks have been pretty mild for Mississippi. I don't see weather playing that big of a factor.

Lehi, UT

@ Cosmo, I see a very big tropical storm about to roll into Mississippi... Hope they can play in the rain... Might be an advantage to a running team? Go Cougs

Silver Maned Cougar
American Fork, UT

No rain and reasonable humidity in the low 30s per weather dot com. It will be the low to mid 90s, but the Cougars should be use to that. I'm with Cosmo - I think we lucked out on the weather and I don't think it will be a significant factor.

Baton Rouge, LA

I am IN the rain as we speak. It's here, not Oxford. The storm is veering west over LA. Should be a sun shiny day up there for the game.

The Dixie Kid
Saint George, UT

Ole Miss scores no TDs all game. You can come back and check this post tommorow, just to see how right I was! That's how confident I am.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Latest morning forcast for Oxford....Temp at gametime will be around low 90's and humidity index only around 55-65% so not as critical as it could easily be for this time of year. BYU gets a break... T.S. Lee moves in later tonight after the game... so that won't be a factor either.

RB Brandon Bolden is the power threat behind that Big offensive wall led by 6'7" OT Bradley Sowell...Control the line and maintain coverage on him and Bolden... won't be that big of a factor. While Kentrell Lockett thier Defensive end needs to be contained as well to keep BYU's offense attack on track.


Yeah, sure BYU can stop the run? Is that why AF ran for 409, FSU 278, USU 271, SDSU 262 against the lowly cougs last year? Ole Miss will wear BYU out. It will be 98 degrees, 84% humidity, heat index 116, 20% possibility of rain at game time. Look for BYU to come out quick and score, then fizzle against Ole Miss in the second half. That is what BYU does against teams that have way better talent and speed. The Ole Miss' O-line will pound BYU into the ground without question! Go Rebels!!!!


BYU will lose. Ole Miss will dominate the lines in the second half. Mid-major talent is not SEC talent. And,BYU hasn't beat a major conference winning-record school in over a decade on the road. It will be very quiet in Provo tonight.......a welcome change with all the "unreal" hype coming fro the over-zealous cougar fans for the last 8 months. 17-13 Ole Miss. Go Rebels!!!!!

Orem, Utah

So, mgr63, did the missionaries knock on your door too many times? You know that the stress from hatred isn't healthy, right?

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

mgr...you're loosing your grasp on the research side of your statements and are fast becoming Hedgieized... and fast approaching the Chrissy B. point of no return. Current temp in Oxford is 88 and the hi only expected to be 94. The humidity is 35% and will not get above 50- 55%. Meanwhile there's a 12 mph breeze out of the east and sunny skies and no storm activity from T.S. Lee til later tonight after the game is over...so much for your reservation research...and raindance weather forcasting. So how's your smoke signaling skills???



I don't mind the missionaries at all. I have liked all of them that knocked on my door. It gives me a chance to discuss things and they have learned a lot from me. So they said and contacted me many many years later. I know more about the LDS Church than nearly everyone I've ever met. The "truth" spawns no hatred in me.......it is the falsehoods that aggravate me. I am most certainly not alone in my opinions. Actually, the majority of folks feel the way I do. Enjoy the game folks.......but be prepared for a loss cougar fans! Go Rebels!!!!!!

DD JayMario
American Fork, UT

Pray for rain. The Cougs will need something to slow down that running attack by Ole Miss. The Rebels have the second best rushing yardage in the SEC over the past 35 years against former WAC squads playing in above 90 degree temperatures at home. Mark it down!


BYU will lose.......it is that simple. Not terribly, but they will lose. Heaps ain't nothin'. Just a giant talker! BYU is slow!

BYU Student
Provo, UT

I'm really enjoying all of DD JayMario's vital game stats. Keep 'em coming!

Southern Utah, UT


The stats either prove that BYU's defense is very good or the Ole Miss's O line and running backs are not that great. Which is it?

How do you like your crow served?


Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

The first Ole Miss picture is wrong It's of thier running back Scott...and not Brandon Bolden...

BYU's Defense looked awesome...and Doman better kiss the ground they walk on this week for delivering what he couldn't. The running game wasn't bad... even the receivers did thier job fairly well but seeing so darn much wasted effort in calling so many two yard passes about drove me up the wall...and that rediculous 4th and one up the middle in the final 40 seconds was too much telegraphically Robert Anae for my liking. Doman's nervousness mentioned earlier this week must have been real because he sure didn't show a whole lot of opening up the field as I'm sure many were looking for. He played way too conservedly. Van Noy made the two biggest plays of the game...and both in the same play. That hit that caused the fumble and then his extra effort scramble recovery in the endzone...should be ESPN's play of the week. The Defense definitely rose to the occasion. Doman and Jake just aren't to that level...so they better put in the overtime to start getting there quickly... this week the Defense delivered.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

mgr....are you familiar with the term "biscuit eater" for bird dogs???...So how do you want your crow...served with scrambled or fried eggs. You couldn't sniff out live game even if you were standing right on top of it. Enjoy your Montana State sugar cookie ...from here on out it's going to be Vinegar and flies.

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