For sports fans, 2013 was full of change, controversy and disappointment

Published: Tuesday, Dec. 31 2013 5:59 p.m. MST

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2013 may not be a year remembered for great Jazz basketball, but it was the year the franchise finally embraced the pain of starting over. First the Jazz lost popular assistant Jeff Hornacek to the Suns in May, then Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap signed with other teams. The players who’d become the backbone of the team were also its Achilles heel. The team hired Hall of Fame forward Karl Malone as a part-time assistant and former Jazz head coach (and Hall of Famer) Jerry Sloan as a “senior basketball adviser.”

Some draft-day maneuvering allowed the team to grab first-round point guard Trey Burke, and when he joined Gordon Hayward and Enes Kanter, the team officially embarked on rebuilding. An injury to Burke made the process more painful than anyone imagined with a 0-8 and then 1-18 start, but he’s back, and the talk of firing Tyrone Corbin has subsided — at least for now.

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Las Vegas, NV

2013 was a pretty sad year in the state. But the Lady Utes made it to the NIT Championship game, which should have been included in this article.

Salt Lake City, UT

The best sports story of 2013 for the state of Utah was Ziggy and Star both being drafted in the first round and going on to have great rookie seasons. I guess Lone Peak basketball was pretty cool too. If RSL had won, that would have been really cool too, instead only somewhat cool. Other than that, it seems that the sports year was pretty "meh". The 3 FBS football programs are all pretty average (one is below average and this one happened to use luck to beat the two average ones making things even worse), the Division I teams are all average at best (with the one that should be the best out of the in-state programs severely under performing, especially in December). Finally, the NBA team in the state is in tanking mode. 2013 was horrible. Also no sports teams in the state really matter except for the Jazz, Real Salt Lake, NCAA Mens Basketball, NCAA Football, and (maybe) High School Mens Basketball and Football. That is why it is okay that the Lady Utes were not mentioned, they do not fall in to a sports category that is or should be deemed "important".

Bountiful, UT

Lone Peak High School winning the basketball National Championship was probably the #1 sports story last year. #2 would be the rise of Ziggy Ansah as the 5th overall pick in the NFL draft.

Some other good stories:

BYU Men's Rugby winning back to back National Championships and #1 rankings (and 3rd National Championship in 5 yrs)
BYU Women's Soccer losing in the NCAA Quarterfinals
BYU Men's Volleyball playing in the National Championship game

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