Local NFL watch: How local players fared in Week 17 of the NFL season

Published: Tuesday, Dec. 31 2013 7:42 a.m. MST

Many local players wrapped up their 2013 season Sunday, while others continue on to the playoffs. Here's how each player did in Week 17 and throughout the regular season.

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Excited to see what these local Utes, Aggies, Wildcat and Trojan can do in the postseason!

Mr. Gurney, you've left Sam Brenner, a Utah alum, off the list again. See the guy talking to Schlauderaff in his picture? That's him, and he's been a very nice story this year. After injuries forced him to move to tackle last year for the Utes, when he is a natural guard and likely would've been drafted in the first five rounds if he'd played there all year, he went undrafted and made the Dolphins' practice squad after training camp. And in their midseason off the field fiasco, emerged as the starter to replace Incognito and helped put their season back on track to nearly make the playoffs.

West Point , UT

Eric Weddle is hands down the best of this group. Guy is a stud! Ansah had a respectable rookie season, as did Lotuleilei. It will be fun to see how those two guys' careers go. Good luck to those players from our great state in the playoffs!

Sandy, UT

You have also left off Stevenson Sylvester! he had 3 tackles in the win over Cleveland.

Syracuse, UT

Hey Gurney,

Once again you left off Stevenson Sylvester of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Sam Brenner of the Miami Dolphins. How hard is it to review the NFL rosters or stats prior to writing this article each week? Evidently you don't read the comments because you have been reminded each week of your incomplete article.

Saint George, UT

Seriously. How long before somebody at the DNews wakes up and realizes Brenner and Sylvester are playing? We've been commenting for an awfully long time...

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Bobby Wagner is two for two for amazing seasons in the NFL. Turbin is proving to be much better than any non-Aggies ever expected in the NFL.

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