Local flavor in the NBA: How Utah players are faring in the pros

Published: Tuesday, Dec. 31 2013 3:51 a.m. MST

In a rebuilding year for the Utah Jazz, there is still plenty to cheer about as a local basketball fan. Five players from local colleges are in the NBA now and some are have a huge impact on the success of their respective teams.

Here is a look at how our local college legends are performing today.

Jay Yeomans is a courier by day and a freelance writer by night. He is the creator and lead writer of the website jmoneysports.com. Contact him at jmoney34@hotmail.com. Twitter: @jmoneysports

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Long Lost America
Salt Lake City, UT

Only five players? And the ones from Utah are aging vets from the Majerus era. How sad what college basketball has become overall in this state, down from 10-20 years ago when various Utah players were in the NBA. The '98 contending Utah team for example had several NBA players in the starting line-up and Van Horn the year before. Although it is obvious no significant research was done on this article since Ronnie Price from UVU still plays for Orlando. In a few years when Bogut and Miller have retired we will see Lilliard and possibly Fredette representing the state (if he does in fact ever live of to his ceiling projections of becoming the next JJ Redick). Unless Davies somehow gets a few breaks it is hard to see him progressing beyond his current role player status, that is, his ceiling right now seems to be about where he is now, a 13th or 15th ranked role player on his own roster.

Long Lost America
Salt Lake City, UT

To think withing a few short years we may see no one besides Lilliard on the list or just Fredette trying to live up to his ceiling potential of becoming the next JJ Redick. Stunning that only Majerus era players are still in the NBA for Utah and there are so few on the list. Although the list is short, the quality of the thought and research put into this article is illustrated by the omission of Ronnie Price, currently playing Orlando.

St. Louis, MO

@Long Lost America

Aren't you a bright ray of sunshine? Step out of your cave and realize there's some very good talent currently on EACH college team in the state. You may even come to the conclusion that some players will improve their skills more in the next year or two. It will not be as bad as you think.

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