Editors' picks: The most impactful national education stories from 2013

Published: Tuesday, Dec. 31 2013 1:27 a.m. MST

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Northern Girl
Dexter, MI

I know people use the word "impactful" and feel like that's okay, but something about using it in the headline of an article about education strikes me as ironic. Sports, sure. Big splashy CNN news, okay. But maybe not for education. Technically, it is now a word, but one that was made up fairly recently.

No doubt education is changing, though, and I suppose so is language.

Providence, UT

Celia, there has been only one big story involving public education in Utah in the 48 years I've been here--too many kids, too little money, too little resolve to solve the consequent problems. Year after year, it's same old, same old. The solution that the state's governor and legislators could engineer--development of a dedicated, reliable, and adequate stream of revenue for public education--is never proposed. There's always an excuse: teachers only work 180 days a year and are thus paid enough, higher taxes would sink economic development, test scores show there's no problem. and so on. Neither-nor paralysis is the result. We can't do this, we can't do that, so nothing is done really.

Selecting the best and brightest for teaching, training them thoroughly with a year's mentored experience in the hopper, recruiting the cream of the crop through enticements, and retaining those who survive with FULLY professional reward and respect haven't a chance in Utah. Education on the cheap is what our children end up with--a sad commentary for a state that puts family first.

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