Breaking down Washington, BYU's Fight Hunger Bowl opponent

Published: Thursday, Dec. 26 2013 12:30 p.m. MST

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BYU's played a long list of solid teams from automatic-qualifing conferences, and Washington is no exception. It will test the Cougars with its balanced offense, dangerous defense and reliable special teams. This will certainly be no cakewalk.

The one big question mark is how this team will do under an interim head coach. Will it be ready to play under Tuiasosopo, or will it fall flat? BYU better be prepared for the former, because senior stars like Price know that they need to impress NFL scouts in this game.

While the challenge of beating Washington isn't insurmountable, it will be a tall order for the Cougars to end 2013 with a win over the Huskies.
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Cinci Man

So I guess this article gave us all we need to know, except who the author expects to win the game. I expect Washington to win, but would be bouncing off the walls if BYU can pull this one out. But I need to see BYU come ready to play and coaches come ready to coach. I will also be shocked to see Robert Anae come ready with a game plan that consists more than his 4 plays with a couple of variables. If I see calls for 20 QB runs, unless they cannot be stopped by Washington, I will not enjoy the game even if BYU does win. I want to see great rushes by the RB's and great passes to ALL receivers running lots of patterns we have yet to see this year. Ah well. Good luck Cougars. As players, you are stuck with the coaching as it is, but even given less than stellar coaching, you can put it all on the field and win. Go Cougars!

Mission Viejo, CA

We all want to see perfection, brilliant innovative coaching, no mistakes, no penalties, and a 30-point win. You say you will only enjoy a game, regardless of win or lose, if BYU does not have great rushing and passing to all receivers. You demand that Anae makes brilliant calls and the BYU defense to RISE UP and stuff Washington.

Sorry, dude, that ain't possible. This BYU team is young. Washington is loaded and lead by Sr QB Price. Sankey is one of the best RBs in the country. They have a good OL, and their defense is pretty good. Their four losses were to really good teams. Two of BYU's losses were to doormats, upsets that should never have happened.

But that was then, this is now. BYU will show up. Washington will win a tough game. BYU is a year away from being really good.

Let's hope for a win and enjoy the game as it is played. For sure, BYU will give it all they have. If that's not good enough, well, I guess you can become an Alabama fan or something.

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