Editors' picks: The most impactful national faith stories from 2013

Published: Tuesday, Dec. 31 2013 1:27 a.m. MST

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Associated Press
A quick scan of the program of the March on Washington, which included three prayers, gospel music and four speeches by religious leaders, illustrates how religion played a central role in this seminal event and in the Civil Rights movement.

Read the full report here: March on Washington showcased religious roots of Civil Rights movement
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Farmington, UT

It's a bit humorous that the sports pundits won't list something that happened in Dec 2012 because 'it wasn't in 2013,' yet this agenda-driven article uses events that are 50 years old (and 20 years to the day, too) in an article headlined: "...faith stories from 2013."

Also, wouldn't it be useful to clarify that these are not "stories" but rather are "accounts?" Stories imply that a fairy-tale or fictitious novel angle is present. Accounts are both factual and historical.

A little more critical thinking and a headline that matches the 'story' would indeed be refreshing.

An Aside
Gilbert, AZ

I am inclined to agree with this comment from Dictionary.com: "IMPACTFUL is one of those words that somehow arouse intense disdain, especially among editors and other would-be guardians of English. According to its critics, the word exemplifies 'bad, ugly usage.'" A new headline would greatly improve this news story.

Hyde Park, UT

Well. The 50th anniversary was in 2013, so I think it qualifies.

For a long time, I knew of MLK, but saw his impact as simply a civil rights/minority issue. A few years ago I had occasion to look further into his work as an academic exercise. I can now see the tremendous impact he had on every element of our society.

My appreciation for him and his message has grown immensely.

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