Power rankings commentary: Pac-12, WCC, MWC men's basketball, Version 4

Published: Thursday, Dec. 19 2013 3:40 p.m. MST

Associated Press

Saturday was a great day for the Pac-12 as its teams went 8-0. The three impressive wins were Arizona over Michigan on the road, Oregon over Illinois and Utah’s demolition of BYU.

The Utes were the big winners in the power rankings this week, jumping over the likes of UCLA, New Mexico, Boise State and BYU all the way into the Top 10. In the WCC, Saint Mary’s finally played a decent team and showed well in beating Boise State on the road.

Those that had the worst weeks were New Mexico and BYU.

There are some good games coming up this next week. These are the most impactful to keep an eye on:

1. Thursday: UCLA at No. 8 Duke (5:30 p.m., ESPN)

2. Friday: Pacific vs. Princeton (8:30 p.m.)

3. Saturday: No. 7 Oklahoma State at No. 20 Colorado (9:30 p.m., ESPN2)

4. Saturday: BYU at No. 13 Oregon (8:30 p.m., Pac-12 Network)

5. Saturday: Texas Tech at Arizona State (4:30 p.m., Pac-12 Network)

6. Saturday: No. 21 Gonzaga at Kansas State (1:30 p.m., ESPN2)

Here is the fourth edition of the Pac-12/MWC/WCC power rankings — games through Dec. 18.

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BYU was helped by Stanford and Texas winning as they moved up in KenPom's rankings from 48 to 47 but BYU's disastrous shooting against Utah was a little deja vu of the BYU-Virginia football game and hurt them far more.

If BYU's basketball team proves to be very inconsistent this year they likely won't make it to the NCAA tournament.

Other than BYU's performance in the Utah game I have been mildly surprised at how well they've played this year, hopefully the Utah game was an anomaly. No disrespect intended to Utah as a Utah win was not a big surprise considering Utah's performance last year at the Marriott Center.

Go Cougars and Utes!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Congratulations to the Pac 12 Utes, the best team in Utah.

byu basketball fans have been noticeably absent compared to the past. The silence is deafening!

Tell me byu fans, how does it feel to know going into Christmas break you're an 8-5 basketball team, 0-4 against ranked teams and having been dominated by your rival, and with only one ranked team left to play in your entire conference?

I supposed if byu wins 20 straight games you'd be back in the NCAA tournament picture, but in all likelihood, your season is OVER!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

For as much as byu fans have been bragging about their RPI, it'll be fun to watch it tank, even if they win against teams in the 11th "best" conference in the country, the WCC.

Sure, based on TODAY's Rpi one may conclude byu is an NCAA team.

But that would be pretending a horrible conference schedule didn't await byu.

Utah has a better chance of dancing than byu, and we're better!

Tators, where are you my byu friend?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Thanks to byu fans all year in football, we all remember one thing:

Playing ranked teams doesn't count for ANYTHING if all you do is lose.

0-5 against ranked teams
0-1 against your rival

If byu fans could be honest, they'd admit that unless they go 18-2 the rest of the way, your season is OVER!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

For those who are in love with the RPI this early in the season, I'll remind you that as of a week ago(I haven't checked lately) byu had a better RPI than Duke, Michigan State, Ohio State, and Kentucky.

So go ahead and tell us byu is better than those teams since your RPI is/was higher.


Salt Lake City, UT

I will take Lunardi's projections and analysis over that of both Chris B and the author of this article. That was a horrid loss on Saturday though. Horrid, horrid, horrid. Go Cougars! and Since this is a basketball article, good luck to the Utes and the Aggies. I am not a hater, I hope both USU and Utah do well the rest of the season. But most of all, Go Cougars! If you manage to somehow beat Oregon, the horrid, horrid, horrid loss to Utah will be forgiven.

Las Vegas, NV

Nice, nice win for Utah. This win was not a big surprise to me, after what the team did down south last year with a far inferior team. I am not sure I would put them at 8 yet, but the team is a vast improvement over last year, which was a vast improvement over the year before.

I think this year will be a solid year for my Utes, but I think they won't turn any heads until next year - then watch out.

Go Utes!!

Orem, UT

Chris B just not objective. Just not relevant Chris B.

Go Utes, CA

You have ranked the Utes too high based on what we know so far. I assume you did so because you wanted to still put BYU in the top 10, and you recognized you couldn't rank BYU over Utah after last week's beatdown. BYU has lost to several good teams, and beaten a couple of decent teams. Doesn't tell us much. Utah has lost to one decent team and beaten a lot of bad teams. Also doesn't tell us much. We will learn a lot about Utah in the Pac12 season. We won't learn much more about BYU until and if they go to the postseason.

South Jordan, UT

I see Utah in the top 20, not top 10. Still have to play a lot of tough teams before all is said and done. I see Utah winning 19 games and just missing the NCAA tourney. Huge improvement though.

My friends and neighbors that wear blue would gladly change places with Utah. I want BYU in a good conference for two reasons;

1. Makes the rivalry even better and
2. Humbles Cougars as their teams really aren't as good as their records.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

"It will be interesting to see if the Ute basketball team will follow a path similar to the Ute football team" -- DN


The football team was 4-2 with a healthy Wilson, 1-5 with an injured Wilson.

Lets hope we don't lose Loveridge to injuries.


My top 15 in the West after this weekend:

The 13-15 spots could have just as easily been USU, USC, UNLV, or CSU. They all play well at times, but far too inconsistent.

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