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Published: Sunday, Dec. 15 2013 10:26 p.m. MST

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Our recent editorial about filmmaker Quentin Tarantino and the negative impact his ultraviolent movies have had on the national culture sparked a tremendous amount of responses, some of them heated. Fark.com, a humor-themed news aggregator website, labeled the piece "stupid" and derisively claimed that the Deseret News had taken the position that "we all know that if we stopped killing each other in movies, then death would just take a holiday."

Would that it were so.

If there were a way to end the tragedies like the one at Sandy Hook once and for all, then this newspaper, along with all people of good will, would do everything possible to make it happen. The harder, messier reality is that no such simple solutions exist. If they did, they'd already be in place. Instead, we're left to muddle through and try to cobble together piecemeal approaches to an intractable problem. That's not nearly as emotionally satisfying as a one-size-fits-all magic fix, but that's the only way to make any progress.

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If alcohol, prescription drugs, pornography, and cigarettes are legal, then why not Marijuana? Marijuana is a herb bearing plant with no artificial ingredients made by the hands of men; therefore, it is for the use of man.

I believe that it is hypocritical to arrest a person for growing marijuana, for personal use, while at the same time, allowing large corporations to brew whiskey grow tobacco, and manufacture drugs for public consumption. I don't smoke Marijuana, but those who choose to do so should be free from prosecution.


I think that this argument stems from the fact that we don't really know the true definition of religion. Nobel defined it as this: "A world view, a theology, a philosophy or and ideology with an over reaching perspective about: God, the world and man's relationship to them."

That perspective does not have to be in favor of God or those who choose to follow him. It can be an apposing view; for instance, the humanist regard the universe as "self-existing and not crested. They also believe that man is a part of nature and that he has emerged as the result of a continuous process.

If one compare these two tenets with Genesis 1:1 and 1:27, it is obvious that each one is a perspective about God, universe and man's relationship to them. In lieu of these observations, there is no that isn't religious.

Those of us who are followers of Christ set ourselves up as being unique in religious beliefs, and this is the crux of the argument. So, anyone who purports to stamp out religion better be ware that they don't shut their own mouths.

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