10 college games to look forward to in 2011

Published: Monday, Aug. 29 2011 4:29 p.m. MDT

Associated Press
The kickoff of college football season is so close you can almost touch it. Here is a look at 10 games that should be worth the price of admission this year.
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Salt Lake City, UT

USC will thump Utah and take the wind out of the teams sails. It will be the beginning of a long downward spiral. Utah fans will rise to new levels of excuses though, which shall be entertaining to say the least.

Lehi, UT

Yes!!! Boise State Broncos play in TWO of the top 10 games. GO BRONCOS!

Riverton, UT

Really Deseret News??? You choose Utah/USC over BYU/Texas? And Ute fans say the Deseret News favors BYU too much. Go figure!

Iowa City, IA

KateyBug, the caption implies why this author chose the Utah-USC game: it's the first game for Utah in the new PAC-12, and it's against the team many have picked to "win" the south.

Unlike previous years when "mid-majors" have "stepped up" into an AQ-BCS conference (i.e. Louisville, Cincy), Utah's move has been followed much closer by the national media trying to gauge how they'll (and presumably other teams like them---TCU, BYU, Boise St.) succeed. How this game plays out may show how the Utes are destined to appear before the national audience---or so it appears. First impressions may not break you, but they are important.

For a local paper, Utah-USC would be a logical choice. But despite that, local papers outside of Utah probably wouldn't put them into their top-10. BUT KateyBug, you'd have to state why you think BYU-Texas is a top-10 national game. I'm not even sure it's BYU's biggest game.

Owens Cross Roads, AL

Not sure why the comment about the USC/Utah "not meaning anything"? It is a conference game that weighs heavily to determine the Rose Bowl participant. Of course USC won't be there, but USC will determine who comes out of the South; however the biggest game for the Utes this year will ASU as the winner will advance to the p12 championship.


Both BYU and Texas had terrible records last year. So why in the world would their game be picked in the top 10? Something to think about.

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

Utah + USC last year = 18-8
BYU + Texas last year = 12-13

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