Power rankings: Pac-12, WCC, MWC men's basketball, Version 3

Published: Thursday, Dec. 12 2013 12:00 a.m. MST

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No change

Arizona is ranked No. 1 in both major polls despite a close call against UNLV at home last Saturday. The Rebels actually led the Wildcats, 57-56, with 3:31 left and trailed by just two until the last 30 seconds. Projected lottery pick, freshman Aaron Gordon, struggled in his 31 minutes, making just 2-of-10 shots for four points.

Although the Wildcats are 9-0, they have certainly looked vulnerable at times. They could quite easily have three or four losses. It’s a credit to them, however, for playing a challenging non-conference schedule and finding a way to win each game.

The Michigan game on Saturday will be the last real test for Arizona before conference play starts on Jan. 2.
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Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

No surprises here. BYU needs to pick their defense to be a contender.

Cinci Man

I'd like to see BYU live up to the hype and potential. Just make free throws. The rest is coming along nicely.

Pocatello, ID

I love that Utah is being written off. The Utes know they have to win this game to gain traction on the season, and BYU obviously wants to keep their dominance rolling. On paper Utah finally has the horses to play, now can the execute and play with the defense they need to in order to keep BYU in check. Saturday should be fun.


Provo, UT

BYU will not do much against quality teams. They have no defense and because of that will also lose a few games against lesser teams. It wouldn't surprise me if the Utes win Saturday, they will play very physical basketball and the Y can't handle that. Another NIT invite for Cougars this year.

Bountiful, UT

Utah drops after a win, and UNLV rises with a loss? By your logic, Arizona should have dropped for struggling to beat a .500 UNLV team.
Teams shouldn't be ranked for losing games no matter how good the opponent... even if the game is close. Just ask the Utah football team. It doesn't work that way.
UNLV also lost to UCSB by 20 (at home), and haven't beaten any teams that should put them in the top 15.
They may end up being a good team, but their record doesn't show that right now. Your rankings lose credibility having a 3-4 team in the top 15.

Highland, UT


utah never should have been in the rankings to begin with, this just put them back where they belong.

Germany, 00


I think Utah only moved into the rankings last week after a close loss to Boise State. I don't have a problem with the logic. UNLV especially has also been quite good in recent times, so maybe they deserve some benefit of the doubt.


@ PocyUte. I love that Utah is being written off, too. That shows journalistic integrity, seeing as Utah had their hands full with Idaho State. Embarrassing!

Bountiful, UT


You're right, Utah hasn't proven themselves yet. My comment was meant to point out the poor logic that was used in putting a team with only 3 wins (none of them of any quality.. Similar to Utah), and a losing record in the top 15. Losses, no matter the team or how close shouldn't move a team up in ranking.

Saint George, UT

Ummm. UNLV lost to Dixie State in Vegas.

Bountiful, UT


UNLV has been good in recent times.. Like their 20 point loss at home to UCSB and current losing record? What they did last year should have no bearing on a current ranking. That's the kind of thinking that had Florida's football team (the one that finished with a losing record) ranked near the top 10 in the pre season rankings this past season.
Power rankings should be done with the same logic for all teams. I'm not claiming Utah deserves to be ranked higher, but UNLV shouldn't be in the top 15 either. Not until they prove it with wins.. Not losses (no matter how close).

Henderson, NV

Having been to all UNLV home games this year, its clear the Rebels have improved a lot since the exhibition lost to Dixie State. The lost to UC Santa Barbara would not have been so rough if it was not a blow out, but the Gauchos so far have played really well this season. UNLV needs to know how to close out games and once they do that they will be unstoppable. Dave Rice is one of the best Head Coaches in the nation as well as coaching staff we will be a top team in the MWC once we start conference play and will make the NCAA tournament.


BYU could probably have been lower, but Utah definitely deserves to find itself off this list. 13 of their first 14 games will be at home and so far they have played the second worst schedule in college basketball. Games against BYU and Oregon will tell us if they have it this year or if their fans will have to wait at least one more although the loss to Boise in their only trip away from home indicates that the latter is probably closer to the truth.

As to the comments about playing physical being advantage, it they try that then they will just end up with players in foul trouble and BYU scoring all their points with the clock stopped. The physicality defensively is exactly what the NCAA is trying to get OUT of the game with the new emphasis on calling even the slightest of physical actions, hand-checking.

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