10 great gift ideas for people who have everything

Published: Monday, Dec. 9 2013 11:54 p.m. MST

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Why It’s A Great Gift Idea: Almost nobody has a heavenly body named after them! So dub a star after Uncle Joe by having his name included in a star registry. You can also immortalize him with his very own mathematical theorem. (No, that’s not a mistake.)

What’s It Gonna Cost? TheoryMine.com will name a mathematical theory after anyone for approximately $25 — even those who have trouble doing long division. Stars are a bit more expensive: you can get them recorded for as low as $50.

As for my Uncle Paul … he thoroughly enjoyed his pedicure.
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Bloomington, IN

This is the most lame list of gifts I have ever read! The premise of the list is for those who "have everything." Car repair? Groceries? Charity donations in somebody's name? I imagine that giving groceries to somebody who "has everything" would be very weird. I assume that people who "have everything" don't want my grocery present, an offer to have their car fixed, or a charitable donation. If there is anybody who thinks that paying for car repair is a good idea for a gift then I would be happy to give you my number...

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

@MikeTB - you must not have everything because I think it's a pretty solid list. I'm very hard to shop for because I just don't think about getting things until it's too late. An example, I just got several gift packages from Creminelli, a very thoughtful gift from my brother yet very easy for him to give.

Lafayette, IN

Star Registry? I wonder how one starts a business where people send me 25 dollars and I e-mail them back instructions on how to find their star (and a freshly created certificate of authenticity).

Salt Lake City, UT

On the charity front, microfinance loan organizations like Kiva give the recipient the opportunity to be actively engaged in how the gift is used rather than just passively receiving a card announcing the donation. The gift recipient can choose who to lend the money to and can relend it many times over as the loans are repaid (or he or she can cash it out). It's a way to help entrepreneurs in the developing world get started in business.

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