10 things to do with an LDS account

Published: Tuesday, Dec. 3 2013 2:19 p.m. MST

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is heavily invested in proclaiming the gospel in the digital community.

Official church content appears on more than 150 websites. To access many of the church websites and resources online, only one thing stands in the way: an LDS account.

Although the LDS Church offers numerous pages of free content, registering for an LDS account allows users to customize their experience and gain access to additional resources. Several sites cannot be accessed without an LDS account.

Getting an LDS account involves a little bit of work, but it is open to those who are LDS Church members as well as those who are not. Members will need to register by entering a membership record number. For a members to find out what their membership records are, they should talk to their ward or branch clerk. Those who are not LDS Church members will need to answer a few questions to create an account. To begin the process, go to ldsaccount.lds.org/site/login.

So what kinds of things are available to someone who has an LDS account?

One LDSTech user, Samuel Bradshaw, made a list of 57 things. The inspiration for this article came from his posting on the LDSTech website. The original post can be found on tech.lds.org.

Drawing from Bradshaw's list of possible activities, the 10 most interesting things a person can do with an account are listed here in greater detail.

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Mount Pleasant, UT

You know it all depends upon the amount of Faith one has to understand, believe in and live in a manner to receive the blessings of a Patriarchal Blessing. My Blessing is sacred and precious to me. It's a spiritual blessing that I can rely on as long as I am living the Gospel with all of my heart. As I grow older I forget many things in my blessing and it's wonderful to have it at my disposal when I have the desire to be reminded of the blessings than can be mine as I strive to obey the commandments and be a good example of what I know to be true. It's one of my prized possessions that came through the Spirit.

1.96 Standard Deviations

Having an LDS account is awesome. I love all that you can do with it.

On the ward level, an LDS account also lets you access the ward directory (with pictures), the ward calendar, and the ward newsletter to name a few. Our ward uses these tools a lot and they are a big help! Makes it easy to communicate and collaborate!

Midway, UT

Spoiler Alert (so you can save time clicking through the 'list'):
1) Get your patriarchal blessing or one of a deceased ancestor
2) Order food storage
3) Family History
4) Get a job
5) Manage your email subscriptions to Mormon Messages
6) Create and share videos, photos, etc
7) Volunteer (church puts together things it needs completed and you sign up ...ex: indexing, family history, etc)
8) Magnify your callings through trainings
9) Create a profile under 'I'm a Mormon' campaign
10) Write an article for the Church


Just to clarify, is the Deseret News still claiming to be a real newspaper? Because it seems to me that this is not "news" -- and even if it is it should be in the Church News, not the regular paper. Its really quite stunning how far this paper has fallen, its no surprise your readership is drying up.

Big Joe V
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

As the Ward Membership Clerk I adamantly encourage the members to update their personal information online (or make it private if they wish) so I don't get the "my phone number/address is incorrect on the website" accusations. I also like the ability of uploading photos of family to your directory listing, however is it hardly used except for the singles ward where each listing is populated with a photo. I am appreciative of the church opening up so much online control of the members information available to them and allowing the clerks to do many tasks on their home computer.

Allen, TX


7 of the 10 on this list may have information of interest to those who are not LDS.

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