Top 5 prep prospect performances

Published: Monday, Aug. 22 2011 6:01 p.m. MDT

Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News
There is a very impressive group of college football prospects within the state this season and they got their seasons started over the weekend with several outstanding performances. There is also an impressive prospect list among those who are committed to in-state college programs that play out-of-state. Most of these players won't start playing until the first week of September, but one notable out-of-stater recorded the best prospect performance of the weekend.
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who is this kid? the performances should be from utah players not arizona

Salt Lake City, UT


Most don't care about out of state kids. Keep that for your Total Blue Sports.

Also, I would double check that offer from Stanford to Bateman that you wrote about.

Good talent this year in the State. My advice would be write about them as they deserve it.

coach hines
Salt Lake City, UT

he only ran for a 105 yards vs moapa valley??....jeez he should have run for 500!...who is next on show low's schedule 'valley of fire' high?....please add me to the list of highlighting the local kids!

Me, Myself and I
Blanding, UT

Amen. Local kid's deserve the recognition. Ditto Coach Hines about the level of competition he was up against he should have had monumental numbers. Every year 2A and 3A teams from Utah demolish Moapa Valley. Grand is a better team than them by far yet no mention of San Juan's Logan Meyer's 100+ yards rushing, 2 rushing TDs and another Int. returned for a TD. Not to mention a couple of catches to go into the mix. If you can dig to find a a story about a kid for Show Low you can skim to find one about a kid from small town Utah!

Provo, UT

Its funny that 2 Cottonwood kids are here and they arent even in the top 5?

Winnemucca, NV

Calm down people! A. Logan Meyers performance was great but we are talking about touches here. Josh weeks had 240+ yards with only 19 touches. Logan's performance was great but a lot less yards on MORE touches. B. More people pay attention to these stories then just Utahn's even though it's a Utah paper. Michigan fans are going to want to read about their prospects. While BYU and Utah fans are going to want to read about their prospect out of state as well. C. I agree that there should be more prospects form Utah represented but that is because there should be 25 on the list not just five.

Salt Lake City, UT

re: WOW....really? I respect your opinion but beg to differ.

"More people pay attention to these stories then just Utahn's even though it's a Utah paper. Michigan fans are going to want to read about their prospects"

Sorry, but if I want to learn about an athlete from Winnemuca (you say you are from there-good Basque food BTW) then I will use my powerful internet and look up the paper there in Winnemucca.

If Michigan wants to see how their recruit is doing, exactly to my point (and you mistakenly pointed it out also in your sentence) they will turn to the Utah papers to see.

Point is-local talent is better than ever. Lets read about outlying areas, small schools, big schools, etc. I would love to read about a kid from Altamont that tore it up as well as Bingham (not PHX AZ). A kid from Millard ran for 245 yards last week...a QB for a 4A school threw 5 TD's in a close game...There are always going to be 5 worthy accomplishments in 60 games every week IN-STATE.

The author should know better and should quit throwing interceptions.

South Jordan, UT

I've been trying to track down by far the best athlete I have seen playing Utah High School Football in 30 years. Kid played for Bingham 2 years ago and returned punts, kickoffs, and was a DB. Fastest kid I have ever seen on a Utah field. Watched him play against Cottonwood and ran down their talented halfback in about 50 yards and the halfback had a 15 yard head start. Kid was all over the field that game. Big, fast, and strong. The program listed him as a Junior but was told he was a Senior (2010 Class). He was number 6, 8, or 9.

Any ideas on this kid? Wow...what a player.

Bountiful, UT

Do Moapa Valley & Show Low play 8 man football?

just fyi
American Fork, UT

Where is Chase Hansen? 588 yards in this week's game against Highland who b.t.w is ranked in the top 10

Herriman, UT

I would wanna say it was Braden Anderson. 2009 All-State from Bingham. Played DB and KR. 46 tackles 6 Int's 720 return yards

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