College football senior sendoff: BYU, Utah and Utah State set to say goodbye to 63 players

Published: Thursday, Nov. 28 2013 11:21 p.m. MST

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The Cougars will see 22 players end their college careers in the next month, as BYU plays at Nevada on Saturday and in the Fight Hunger Bowl on Dec. 27.
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Amazing how BYU and Utah State seniors get another game after this weekend. However, Utah players don't.

Go Cougars!


Stay classy, Omaha.

I'm sure I join thousands in thanking all of these guys for what they've done over the last few years of their lives. For the vast majority of them, high profile football will have been just a blip on their life's radar, but it's the only way we came to know who they were.

For the Utes, I personally got to know a lot of these guys while I was in school, and it will hard to see them leave the program after tomorrow. For the Cougs and Ags, I met a couple of these guys prior to college and it's nice to be able to see how they've developed. Every one of them deserves more respect than silly posts like the one above. To all 63 of these players, congratulations and thank you!

Clark W. Griswold
Sandy, Utah

@ Cougar_Independence

It's amazing how BYU's seniors have never beaten Utah in their college careers. In fact, the Utah State seniors have beaten Utah more than BYU's seniors have.

Allen, TX

Amazing how y'all in Utah argue and fight over which pathetic FB program is better, when you're all fishing in the backyard creek.

Our HS team could probably give all 3 of your programs a good game.

Mr. Caveman
Omaha, NE

A little premature for this article. Utah plays for the Third Annual Bottom of the Basement this week while the other two will continue to play afterwards.

BYU easily dispatched of the best of the best HS players from Texas to play for Texas the last 4 years. Bring on your little HS team!

Uncle Rico Coug

So J-TX, Do you consider University of Texas as one of your high school teams down there? That would be the one that BYU embarrased?!! And this is not the only time a Utah team beat a major college from Texas. So have a little respect.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Good luck to all the seniors! It's been fun watching you.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Sad to see the huge chips are still on the shoulders of the small minded. Time to move on I suppose.

West Jordan, Utah

Utah had some tough circumstances this year; Travis Wilson's multiple adversity issues, key injuries, a new OC, close losses, and three tragic deaths within the program. With all that said, going 5-7 is not acceptable.

I support Whittingham but another season like this one and that could change.

Still, as fans from the instate schools, let's be fair when accessing the our relative teams. Some BYU fans think going bowling makes them superior but the schedules are unbalanced and not comparable.

On the flip side, I understand arguments from the blue that Utah beating BYU head to head doesn't simply make Utah better. Yes, one game makes not a season and match ups and things come into play. I try to be fair.

Here is my take. BYU has the better record and has played good teams. But they also play 5 patsies. BYU beat the teams they should have plus a big win over Texas. The other big match ups were losses.

Utah's best win (Stanford) was better than the Texas win. Remember head to head in Provo as well. But Utah digressed overall.

West Jordan, Utah

Some BYU fans could realize that being in a major conference is a big jump from the MWC. And not just for Utah. Look at TCU for example. Like Utah, they are also 4-7 this year and were 7-6 in their first year in the BIG 12 last year. Since the MWC days until right now, BYU is third in record comparison head to head with Utah and TCU.

BYU played some tough teams this year but half of their schedule was weak AGAIN. The Cougers lost to the better teams minus Texas and beat the teams they should. With a PAC 12 schedule or Big 12 schedule, it's logical to think BYU is on the couch for bowl season as well.

BYU beat USU after Keaton went down in the first quarter. They made their long contract with Boise State at the right time as Boise has been dipping the last couple of seasons after a ten year run of solid QB play.

Nevada, Middle Tennessee and Idaho State are the weakest of opponents. GT, Virginia, and Houston are below any PAC 12 opponent Utah plays except Colorado.

Playing bigger schools mixed in with lesser ones is not comparable. Football is a war of attrition.

West Jordan, Utah

Utah was 17-6 against BCS schools from 2000-2010. Since then, reality sets in for Utah fans when playing the big boys every week. BYU fans might want to learn this in order to be be fair and balanced (pun intended) to their favorite non-news source.

Clearfield, UT

J-TX BYU VS Texas Remind me who won that game.

Salt Lake City, Utah


The Utes got exactly what they asked for when they agreed to become a well-paid PAC 12 doormat, so stop whining.

Bronco is 9-8(53%) versus PAC teams.
Kyle is 12-21(36%) versus PAC teams.

It's obvious which team is only a pretender, and which team would actually be a contender in the PAC.

New to Utah

Those football players that put forth the effort everyday in practice including the scout teams
made for some really special football games. The seniors stepped up and contributed big time for BYU,USU, and Utah.Three games really stick out BYU vs Texas, Utah vs Oregon State and Utah State vs USC they were classics win or lose because excellence was there.

Highland, UT


It's amazing how some of these utah sr's, like palepoi, have never had a winning record and never played in a bowl game in their entire utah careers. In fact BYU's sr's will play in more bowl games this year than many of the utah sr's have in their entire careers.

Layton, UT

Thank you, to all of the Utah seniors for their part in getting the Utes into the PAC 12 and for their domination byu.

Had byu joined a major conference 3 years ago...Today holmoe and mendenhall would be coaching highschools somewhere in California.

Syracuse, UT

Ekute, u just proved everyone's point. The only thing u really care about is beating BYU. Congrats on signing your 10 years deal with the no bowl. That is something to really look forward to. I can't wait to see the u fall into an even bigger hole than they are in already. All the other teams in Utah will demand a two for one and the u will still have no rival as they year by year try to stay out of the basement of their conference of chumps. Enjoy your past experience at the late BCS bowl because with the new rules, u will never see another one. LOL

Layton, UT


Your claim was disproven when Dr. Hill removed byu from Utah's schedule. Now the byu games are important to nobody.

bountiful, ut

It is amazing to me to see someone knocking a team from Logan who found a way to win even without their starting qb.... A starting QB that nearly beat his rival on week one of the season... After getting hammered in Logan Conference weekend what was USU's record? Yes, they are no OSU, they are no Michigan, no Alabama or Auburn... But of the three teams in Utah of clout they are the only one with a legitimate shot at being good for the long haul. BYU will simply be BYU as they ever have been save for one 3 year stretch of stunning near perfection and Utah... Well, I don't see them coming back out on top... Maybe on a PAC-12 off year they will get to have some fun in the grand tournament of Roses... But nationally, I don't figure they will ever be in contention again. The two year hiatus from RES and the minion nation will be well appreciated. Yes, 'our' senior class never beat the Utes... But, need I remind you that Several senior classes in a row never beat the Cougars either... Football is a system of streaks... Just enjoy this streak you were on, for it ends in 2016!

Plano, TX

Loved the smack comments regarding J-TX's reference to Allen TX HS (I lived there 20 years, my kids graduated there). They're perennially one of the top 5 teams in the country the last several years. One thing I've missed moving back to UT is super high quality HS football. I went to the 2 top division championship games here, and there is no comparison. It's not remotely close. Still, it was awesome to watch BYU blow out Texas.

Clark W. Griswold
Sandy, Utah

@ Duckhunter

Some of those Utah seniors that you speak of have never lost to BYU in their college careers.

You and your fellow kitty cat fans have no room to talk smack to your rival that has beaten your team 4 years in a row and 9 of the last 12 games.

Let's also not forget that BYU has lost to two conference bottom dwellers (Utah and Virginia). Conference bottom dwellers according to BYU standards that your fellow cougar fans like to spout off.

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