BYU basketball report card: No Haws magic this time as Cougars fall to No. 12 Wichita State

Published: Wednesday, Nov. 27 2013 2:09 p.m. MST

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The atmosphere of this game was much better than Monday night’s game against Texas, due to Wichita State’s relative proximity. The Shocker fans showed up and represented well. Cougar fans still had an above average presence in the game too, which they almost always do. It’s tough to get a great atmosphere in a neutral-site game like this, and Tuesday night’s crowd was pretty solid considering that.

Grade: B+
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I think your analysis is right on the money. 7 assists, poor free throw shooting, forced shots and a marginal zone defense all contributed to the loss. How do we know BYU isn't athletic enough to play man to man? It can't be too much worse than that zone. Teams aren't missing shots because they are closely contested, they're just missing open shots. We can't hope for that to continue all year.

Las Vegas, NV

Lets not get too excited about this game and its overall outcome. BYU has played 7 games, they start a newly returned missionary, a true freshman and the bench is young for the most part. Let them get some time in and when the WCC begins I think you will see a superior team and a top 20 ranking by seasons end.


The analysis and comments are similar to what we heard last spring during our tourny run. Teams said they played their worst game of the year. It was due to in large part to our defense. Specifically, Tekele Cotton covered Haws during the first half and Carlino in the second. Their production is reflected in his smothering effort. He is our MVP. Good luck the rest of the year. Maybe we meet in March Madness.

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