BYU basketball report card: Haws comes to life in time to carry BYU past Texas

Published: Tuesday, Nov. 26 2013 12:48 a.m. MST

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Was that BYU against Texas, or Binghamton versus Massachusetts Lowell? Judging only by the atmosphere and empty seats, no one would have been able to tell.

BYU did have a louder crowd than Texas, which is impressive considering the game was in Kansas City. This grade is for them, not the overall atmosphere.

Grade: B+
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Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA

I thought the grading was on target.

Pope needs to do some work to help the bigs play better. Mika made several solid dunks, but the BYU bigs got handled by Texas and the game looked like boys against men inside.

Credit Barkley, Carlino, and Haws for carrying the team -- with some help form Collinsworth and Mika.

I don't like how BYU is defending the interior at all. Defending the three-point line seems to have improved a bit though.

Alpine, UT

The officials let Texas camp out in the lane while on offense. The one 3 second call I noticed was after the guy was in the key for 5 seconds. This is a benefit of having a DVR. They were in the key too long all night long. They also got away with mugging the BYU players.

West Jordan, UT

B, D, C+ ?!!!

Man you would think by those grades that BYU had lost by 10 points, instead of getting an impressive win over a very big and very athletic Big 12 program.

Cougsrock original
Maricopa, Az

The commentary here is quite brutal. You would think BYU lost. The reality is BYU did win and the commentary is accurate.

Sandy, UT

I think your assessment and grades were spot on. BYU won, but just barely and it was too close to feel any thrill-- but we'll take it!! And then breathe a deep sigh of relief!

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Interesting part by one person who post this at another sight. "that Texas doesn't want to see anymore BYU players with the initials T.H. for awhile.

Taysom Hill runs all over the Longhorns and Tyler Haws puts them away with buzzer beating runners.

Sorry Texas... don't hate on the Cougars. Good one, lol

Go Cougars. Hope to see more BYU Fans at the game tonight.

Taylorsville, UT


I agree that on the surface the grades seem low for beating a traditional power-team like Texas. This is a Texas team, however, that while talented went just 7-11 in the Big-12 last year and had struggled to beat some pretty anonymous teams so far this year (having to rally just to beat South Alabama by 5). Considering BYU had to hit 10-12 threes and TX missed a bunch of open shots (including free throws) I just don't think beating this team in that manner is overly impressive.

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