The most expensive homes in Utah in 2013

Published: Tuesday, Nov. 19 2013 11:56 p.m. MST

Courtesy of Realtor.com

I’m not a glutton for punishment, really. I don’t usually make it a habit to move my family of six every year.

You may recall how last year I blissfully reported we were taking advantage of Utah’s improving economy to sell our home in Utah County and move to Salt Lake City to be mere minutes from my office. Although I loved my new commute, loved my neighbors and loved the city, I could tell from almost day one we’d made a mistake. My wife and kids were driving south for family visits and dance classes almost as often as I’d been driving north in the old days.

To make matters… complicated… a few weeks after our move, my wife was offered her dream job - back in Utah County, of course. It doesn’t take a math genius to understand that arithmetic, and before I knew it, I was saying goodbye to my short commute and our tree-lined neighborhood, for the friendly confines of Happy Valley. Oh the sacrifices we make!

Of course my eyes haven’t grown any smaller, and okay, I might not have been quite as motivated as before. So my home searches on websites like realtor.com inevitably detoured into the ridiculous once again.

And so I am delighted to offer my second annual tour du Utah's 1 percent, courtesy of Realtor.com. Once again we start in Park City and fan out from there. After all, we’re Republicans in Utah and wealth always flows down hill, right?

By the way, if next year’s list has anything to do with me moving, please pray for me. Or stage an intervention.

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Bountiful, Utah

I feel for you man when I am struggling with a $150,000.00 mortgage that is difficult for me. Why don't you build your home where ever you want to live and have an apartment/house in the other location for when you must stay because you are tired or have to work late. That way you or the family can commute as needed. Problem solved.

Orem, UT

From a practical point of view, it's handy to have a bathroom for every bedroom!

Reasonable Person
Layton, UT

These aren't homes; they are either corporate retreats or "show off" mansions.
The "old money" people don't have to shove it in your face; new money does.

Do I like a nice hotel? Sure!
Do I need to live in one? Nope!

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

So what is the point? He pokes at Republicans, yet the zip codes with the "wealth" are in democrat heavy areas. Yet I don't despise people that have gained their wealth by honest means. If they have swindled people out of their wealth, such as claiming they can give everyone free healthcare or drop the cost of everyone's healthcare by $2500 and add 30 million people, and you can keep your doctor period. Then I have a big issue with that.

The number of fund raisers that obummer, polosi, stingy reid have had. Chargin $3500 a plate or more, so their rich friends can rub shoulders with them and buy favors off the backs of taxpayers. Why haven't they freely given that wealth to the poor?

After all you can tax, borrow, spend, legislate your way to prosperity right? Or you can fudge the numbers and cook the books like this regime has to make things seem better.

Salt Lake City, UT

Homes with a higher bathroom count than room count like these are designed for guests/parties to accommodate. Not necessarily for the house guests themselves.

Definitely some nice homes here.

Boise, ID

Sah-WEEEEEET! Nothing like laying up treasures on earth, huh?

Do the owners of these places wield the vacuum and toilet brush, to clean 'em up? (Yeah, right.)

But everything is relative. Do the "mansion walk" in Newport, RI, and those summer cottages make these Utah offerings look like a shanty-town.

Bountiful, ut

WOW! Some beautiful homes here. Somehow, though, I'm quite content with my kids around me in my little 1700 sq ft 3-bedroom rambler. Maybe I just didn't set my sights high enough, but life is good.

Hey Ted - nice rant. Nicer homes though.

Sunnyvale, CA

This writer (Higbee) is hilarious! Worth reviewing just for the commentary.

CA Granny

I wonder if you could get your food storage squashed into the cubbies in the wine storage room?

Pleasant Grove, UT

Ninety-two click-throughs! They got me, by golly. They got me.

Poplar Grove, UT

I'm surprised how many of these houses have right around an acre of property. Maybe it's me, but if I spend 2, 5, 20 million bucks on a house I want more than an acre of land, but only 2 of these places had the kind of acreage i'd expect for that kind of money. The other thing I wonder about is with the 20, 30 thousand square foot homes is how many people you have to hire just to clean and maintain the property. I guess if you have the money to buy a house like this you don't care about paying a maintenance man and housekeeper to work full time just to keep the property from being destroyed. But as a guy living in an 800 sq ft house it seems so weird to pay people to clean for you.

Kent Larsen
New York, New York

500 square feet per person plus 500 square feet for the family. No one needs more than that. Anything above that, except in unusual circumstances, is immoral.

The Final Word
Alpine, UT

Nice to visit when friends have places like these. Personally I have no interest in attempting to pay the fleet of people to maintain a place like alot of these. The more things you have the more things you have to fix.

I have a pretty decent size home and often wish it was smaller. Simply not what it is cracked up to be. Just a bunch more work to clean and maintain..but then again at this level these people just pay for that too....or do they?

Ever wonder why all these high dollar homea are for sale?

Think about it.

Heber, Utah

I think #1 is the Huntsmans pad isn't it?

West Coast1
Secane, PA

I wonder how many spoons the kitchens of these homes have?

Vancouver, BC

Very beautiful homes but they lack one very important aspect of real estate investment, location! Certainly the region is amazing and spectacular but it is situated in the US. Unfortunately that nation has a very dysfunctional society, a political system that is deadlocked, a military point of view, endless wars, even, if you can believe it, a problem of rape in the barracks. Don't forget the economy that is only benefitting the already very rich, you know the ones who actually look at these ads with a goal of buying one. No thanks, I'll stay in my own part of the world which just happens to be the best, by far, ski destination in North America, Whistler. I know that when I come here for weeks on end I am safe with no crazy gun lovers able to threaten me and mine whenever they wish. You can keep your gorgeous homes when they come with all the extras I just mentioned.

DN Subscriber 2

Am I envious? Of course.

Would I buy such a place, assuming I had the money to do it? Probably not, we really don't need that much room, and would probably like other "toys" much more, or perhaps even be a bit more charitable.

However, it's THEIR money and THEY can buy whatever houses they want to with it.

Thanks for letting the rest of us visit your world.

Before any haters get too spun up about how "unfair" it is, or why "they" have so much more, remember, the property taxes on these homes are astronomical, and most owners probably provide jobs for lots of folks for cleaning, grounds keeping, decorating, maintenance, catering, etc. Anyone who works hard is entitled to keep the fruits of their labor and spend it as they see fit.

Layton, UT

If these homes can be sanctuaries of peace and love, a home where families can learn and grow, where there is great happiness, well, let the folks who have them built build them. As for me and my house, small (much, much, much smaller) is better. One, I do not possess the financial means to build/buy such a house. Two, even if I did have the means, I would never buy one. Three, I do not possess the vanity necessary to build such 'great and spacious' buildings. Fourth, why would I want to pay the yearly taxes, monthly heating and cooling bills, and need a staff of people to clean one of these monstrosities? I am a person of simple means and tastes and see myself as someone who would rather use 2 or 40 million dollars to help the homeless, or help with literacy programs. But hey, this is just me and I'm a happy being modest in home and possessions.

Clearfield, UT

Really? We can't have a nice article about big houses without someone coming in and stinking it up the place with an Obamacare whine? This is why we can't have nice things. . . . Get over it already.

Although I wouldn't want something too huge, I would be lying if I were to say I wouldn't want some of those houses with the gorgeous kitchens, theater, bowling ally, indoor and outdoor pools, and the view. If someone can afford those things, why not?

Although on the lower end of the prices shown here, an honorable mention for over the top houses for sale would be the Wardley Mansion in Davis County.

Cedar Hills, UT


Violence happens everywhere, unfortunately. My spouse's cousin was murdered in British Columbia; she had her house burnt down around her by a former boyfriend. His jail sentence for this murder - six years.

Tooele, UT

OMG.. you posted the ADDRESSES for these places? I'd use my multimillions to move away from any of these now-targets.


Can you spell "pretentious?" Even if I could afford these homes, I would not purchase them. No one needs that much unless their "need" is to be sure everyone knows how much money they have. I see no purpose in having such a home.

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