Eight major religions and their views on organ donations

Published: Saturday, Aug. 6 2011 9:11 a.m. MDT

The number of Americans signing up to be organ donors is rising overall, but some are still hesitant because of misconceptions about what their religion teaches on the subject. There is general agreement, however, among most religions that donation is an act of charity in support of human life. Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Read the full article by Allison Pond here Myths about religion and organ donation cause hesitation
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This would have been more interesting if some of the religions that oppose donations and their reasoning were also mentioned.

Monsieur le prof
Sandy, UT

It sounds like most of the major religions promote organ donation. I suspect that the Jehovah Witness group would not, given their position on transfusions. Maybe some minor off-beat groups might be in opposition, as well. I think the push of the article was to support donations, rather than to really research the subject.

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT

I don't like the idea of pushing organ donation. This is the 2nd article this weekend on this topic. (Not that this makes it horribly pushy, but it seems like a push- if even a friendly one)


I don't like people moralizing it to others. It is very much an individual decision and despite what people say to try to convince others to do it- there are still valid and logical reasons on both sides of this issue... like any sensitive issue.

"Eight major religions and their views on organ donations" 'their views' seems to imply some sort of diversity. There is certainly diversity in the religions chosen, but no diversity in subject presented. LeDoc had it right with his comment. I would go farther and say that it would have even been more appropriate for this article to have provided some balance, even if the majority is either indifferent or promoting of o.d.


In the end, I don't mind saying that I'm all for the idea. I think it is a good thing. However, I also think our system is not as perfect as people suggest. We certainly need a FAR better infrastructure than we currently have.

Just Thinking Outloud..
Merrimack, NH

I don't understand calling these discussions on organ donation moralizing. People have a need that others can supply. It highlights this need, but pushy? Moralizing? Some people just have too much time.

The really bad thing about not keeping the discussion out there is that then the individual needs to make a decision if often doesn't get done. The people who have reasons not to donate don't forget but the ones who would donate often don't think of it in times of stress.

Huntsville, UT

@VoR says;

"I don't like people moralizing it to others."


Really? Really? LOL!

I think that organ donation is a true gift to those in need.

And, btw, since when is LDS a "major religion"? 14M members is a drop in the universe compared to many of the others listed.


I would really like to know how many people making comments have had a transplant? I have as well as another family member. It is impossible to grasp all this is involved or how desperate the need is unless you have been in that situation.

It seems to me we hear about Doug Miller and Colon cancer constantly to the point I have heard it so much, I can hardly stand to hear it one more time just because of repetition and nothing to do with Mr. Miller.

There is usually one big push each year for organ donation and if you have just lost someone in your family you are not thinking the same as you would any other time. Knowledge is power.

However, I agree it would be very enlightening to know which religions, if any are against the practice of transplantation. I'm sure such knowledge will also be helpful to patients as well as transplant coordinators.

Salt Lake City, UT

Huntsville, UT
"And, btw, since when is LDS a "major religion"? 14M members is a drop in the universe compared to many of the others listed."

Really? LOL!

Somebody's bias (prejudice?) is showing. There are about 16M Southern Baptists, about 14M Jews, and about 10M United Methodists in the world. Yes, 14M is a drop compared to some. Compared to others, it's a pretty significant number.

Salt Lake City, UT

@A voice of reason
"I don't like the idea of pushing organ donation. "

*shrugs* It's not like I need my organs once I'm dead.

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