Strange reasons for getting kicked off a plane

Published: Friday, Aug. 5 2011 2:10 p.m. MDT

Getting through security, paying all necessary fees and actually getting on an airline flight can be complicated and time-consuming. However, for some people, getting kicked off is a much quicker — if stranger — process. Here's a list of some strange reasons people have been kicked off an airline flight.
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I can not believe someone would be asked to leave for breast-feeding her baby!


I think that she was asked to leave because she wouldn't cover herself while breastfeeding. It says that the flight attendant tried to hand her a blanket, but the woman refused. I nursed my daughter for a year, and not only did I want to keep covered around people, I just thought it was more appropriate.

Casa Grande, AZ

For taking a photo of the name tag is the worst one. I think since 9/11 airplane crews have been taking out thier last 30 years of frustrations on passengers. The US simply has the worst customer service in the world.

Port Alice, B.C.

I am a non smoker and slightly allergic to cigarette smoke, and I also tend to be assertive. In the days when smoking was still allowed I had reserved a seat as far from the smoking section as possible.

A woman was shown to a seat next to me just before the flight took off. As the plane took off she pulled out a cigarette and a lighter waiting for the no smoking sign to go off. I told her then I would not tolerate her smoking next to me. She said nothing. The sign went off and she lit up. I complained to the flight attendant who told me to quit complaining.

I then took the cigarette from her fingers and butted it. She started yelling and cursing. The flight attendant showed her to a different seat. As soon as the plane landed I was tossed off the plane.

I made a formal complaint to the airline and threatened a law suit with publicity (I am a lawyer). It was settled with two return first class tickets to Hawaii - first class. My wife and I had a great time in Hawaii.

slc, utah

i don't think it costs too much to actually be considerate of others. a little conformity in a tight space is all it takes....it is after all only for a little while.

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