10 things BYU football can learn from Cougar basketball

Published: Tuesday, Nov. 12 2013 6:05 p.m. MST

November is a special time of year, as both college football and college basketball are in full swing. BYU fans can watch their Cougars play on both the gridiron and the hardwood. While the football team is probably too busy preparing for its next game to pay attention to what the basketball team is doing and vice versa, these two squads could learn from each other.

Since the basketball team came up with a big win on the road and the football team didn't, we'll focus on what the Cougars on the hardwood can teach the Cougars on the gridiron.

Lafe Peavler is a sportswriter intern at the Deseret News.

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Phoenix, AZ

Also, number 11, mendenhall needs to focus his players more by teaching dribble dribble pass shoot. Dumb article.

Idaho Falls, ID

When I saw the title of this article I thought "What? Apples and oranges."
But after going through the list, I must admit the author makes some valid arguments/criticisms for the most part.
Both Rose and Mendenhall are successful head coaches and Rose probably has slight edge, but Rose's record in the WCC, especially in tournament , is nothing to write home about.

metamora, IL

From the article: "And while Mendenhall does an excellent job of developing players on defense — take Kyle Van Noy, for example — the offense still needs some work. This is particularly apparent on the offensive line."

Again, the Wisconsin game exemplified this problem. Only once did our defense get any real pressure on their quarterback during the game while Taysom was constantly being hurried by the Wisconsin defense.

Joe Marx

For years we've heard various writers make note of BYU's early season record. Or, their record in November since Mendenhal became coach. No one seems to recognize what Tom Holmoe has been battling since BYU went independent - ie. It's easier to schedule "big name" opponents earlier in the year. Point is, the schedule is typically tougher in September (non-conference games when in the MWC) and BCS teams now. It just doesn't make sense to say there's a huge problem when in fact there's such a difference. True, they need to win more of those games. But, even beating Virginia (which they didn't do) is more difficult than beating Idaho State.

Gorum The Old
Madison, AL

Wow. This was a thuroughly unimpressive article. The points were either irrelevant or incorrect, and often both.

I'll just pick on the last one, "quality wins" Lets assume quality means a ranked team, a major conference team in the top 50% of their conference rankings, or a midmajor conference champion or runner up.

BYU Basketball 2012 record vs "gaulity" opponents: 4-9 with wins over Montana, Mercer, Weber St, and So. Miss. Losses came against FSU, ND, Iowa St, Baylor, St Mary's, Gonzaga, St Mary's, Gonzaga, and Baylor.

BYU Football 2013 record vs "quality" opponents: 5-1 with wins over Texas, USU, BSU, Georgia Tech, and Houston. Their loss came against Wisconsin.

BYU football has more "quality" wins through 9 games this year than Basketball had in its entire 36 game season last year.

Las Vegas, NV

11. TAKE WHAT THE DEFENSE GIVES YOU. Rose has an offense ready to switch gears whether his team faces a Diamond and 1 Defense, a Moving Zone or Man-to-Man defense. Rose knows what plays to run given time, set faced and score. Anae came back to Provo with more plays, but no more ability to read and react to a defense. He doesn't know some of the most basic fundamentals of play calling given down, distance, field location and play sequence, clock and score. He gets yards, but not points. Bronco needs to get that fixed right now!

Rifle, CO

You can't compare the football game at Wisconsin to the basketball game at Stanford. Stanford's bb team is not even close to being in the same league as Wisconsin's football team. Wisconsin is a top 20 team. Stanford would be closer to top 60 maybe. They're more like a Georgia Tech or Boise State this year. And look what the football team did to those two schools. Both our football and basketball teams are achieving at great levels primarily due to two great coaching staffs and some hard working players.

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