BYU basketball report card: Star guards devastate the Cardinal defense

Published: Tuesday, Nov. 12 2013 9:51 a.m. MST

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Kyle Collinsworth was phenomenal in the first half, with 12 points, 8 assists, 4 rebounds, 2 steals and a block — controlling play and setting the tone for the evening.

Matt Carlino took over the game midway through the second half to push the lead over 15 and played under control long enough for BYU to build an insurmountable lead.

Tyler Haws was good throughout the game and brilliant in the second half, hitting shots from every angle and keeping constant pressure on the Stanford defense by moving relentlessly without the ball, as per the norm.

As if that wasn’t enough, Anson Winder and Frank Bartley IV were outstanding off the bench, hitting 5-8 shots, dishing five assists and playing disruptive defense.

This grade was an A+ until the last few minutes of the game, when Carlino seemed to forget that the shot clock was longer than 10 seconds, despite the fact BYU had a big-but-shrinking lead and obviously needed to run some clock.

Grade: A
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Provo, UT

Your grade of "D" for crowd is lacking in examination of who attended. There were over 2000 BYU fans, shouting B-Y-U, screaming loudly for every basket. I Give the BYU fans an A+ for showing up and turning a road game into a semi-quasi home game, or at a minimum a neutral court. GO Cougar Fans!


Good win for BYU, the score would have been much higher if BYU had done better on free throws. Stanford made a decent run at the end when BYU slowed the game down, but never really threatened BYU who lead almost the entire game. It didn't seem like BYU had a defensive answer to Stanford's center, but with the new rules high scoring games will be the norm and BYU's answer was on offense. BYU was very aggressive in getting to the basket, especially Carlino, and Stanford didn't seem able to set up quick enough in transition.

On TV the loudest part of the crowd was the "B-Y-U" we often heard in the background!

Go Cougars!

spokane, WA

I must likewise add that missing 15 free throws is unacceptable, especially considering who was missing them. Stanford was not overly big under the basket, but they garnered far to many offensive rebounds for far to many second-chance points. Finally, Carlino must be taught (forced?) to play team ball to the very end. And not much mention of what I thought was a good job by Worthington, whose name is usually only mentioned in reference to this past football prowess.
All that being said, it looks like it could be a fun and successful season.

Lincoln City, OR

Overall Nate, I give your article a B-... The Guard play was excellent and the coaching was very good... I also thought that the Bigs did well on the Boards (not a lot of 2nd chance points... I also agree with your assessment of Stanford's play and the atmosphere in Palo Alto...

Your grade of the Officiating however, was way off... 52 fouls and 80 free throw shots in a 4o minute game averages out to about 2 free throws a minute and equals BORING with a capital B... Had the shots not fallen this would have been one of the worst games to watch as a fan that I can remember (and I'm 61)... These Officials apparently didn't get the message that fans like to watch players play rather than Officials blowing whistles and marching back and forth between free throw lines...

If new rules encourage more whistle blowing and more foul shots then we need the old rules back... I have watched about 7 games so far this season however and I did not see the Refs in any of those games feel like they needed the spot light.

My grade for officiating was a solid D-.

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