BYU report card: Cougars overmatched in a 27-17 loss to Wisconsin

Published: Saturday, Nov. 9 2013 6:13 p.m. MST

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Ravell Call, Deseret News
BYU’s offense saw some production, but too much inconsistency and a slow start provided just 17 points against a very stingy Badger defense. Ultimately the offense gained 370 yards with a balanced attack, but too many quick possessions paved the way for Wisconsin to control the flow of the game from start to finish.

Quarterback Taysom Hill went 19-41 through the air for just 207 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. He was never able to exploit his receivers' size advantage over Wisconsin’s cornerbacks and was limited considerably running the football. On the day, Hill ran it 17 times for just 53 yards.

Running back Jamaal Williams ran it 14 times for 76 yards while Paul Lasike had four rushes for 29 yards. Receiver Cody Hoffman again proved BYU’s best offensive weapon with seven receptions for 113 yards and two touchdowns.

Penalties during crucial situations worked to stall drives along with a porous 7-19 in third-down conversions.

Grade: C
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west jordan , UT

Feeling that this season will end 8-4 with a bowl win.

I think next year and the year after that we should see a dream year, it just not this year.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I was disappointed with the outcome of this game but not at all surprised. BYU is still in a rebuilding mode after the loss of a great offensive line from last year. I agree with evansrichdm that we should see big improvements in the next two years as these players gain more experience on the field.

I was not embarrassed by the performance even though it ended with a loss. I thought the team fought hard on both offense and defense. Give credit to Wisconsin for a good game. They will be ranked higher by the end of the season.

Tuffy Parker
Salem, UT

Wish Mr. Gurney had been issuing my grades in high school...

Cougs certainly outmatched by Wisconsin but coaching and game plan were abysmal and in my mind the primary factor for not making this a close game. Players have to make the plays but don't put them at a disadvantage with uninspired offensive play calling and questionable defensive schemes.

Roy, UT

"Wisconsin’s offensive front was extremely physical and easily the best BYU has faced this season. The defense had its moments, but the Badger front controlled the pace of the game and was the biggest reason for the ultimate outcome."
---good observation. Sometimes the Coaches also seem to lack a clear, realistic vision of what to run both offensively and defensively to be effective against a given team. And the team may have been a bit flat, with the game over-hyped in the media, reminds one of the Utah-Arizona State game where Utah just seemed to lack motivation, played without the usual fire of desire, emotionally flat-lined. Home team advantage also in play for this game, for sure.

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

Far better to lose to a great team than lay 70 on a weak sister, BYU would be wise to avoid the FCS buy--a--win's, the MWC matches but for Boise St and slug it out with the best teams they can schedule. They got nothing but respect for kicking ACC, AAC, B12, squads. And the bowl ties....Earth to Holmoe---nobody gets excited about going backwards to play the MWC in a bowl. The 12 team conference with ONLY ONE RESPECTABLE non-conf win, they are becoming Big-Sky part Two.

Pitt Man
New York City, NY

Coaching should have been a D or F.

I am generally of the opinion that coaching gets too much blame and that the players are infinitely more responsible for what goes on, but yesterday's fourth quarter game mismanagement was abysmal. Between the punt that essentially threw up the white flag, and the inexplicable time management during the last drive, I could not believe what I was watching.

See It

I thought that the coaching was terrible. Once again, this coaching staff did not put our players in a position to win. I just don't think we have the coaches to take us to the next level. When Bronco elected to punt on 4th and 9 with 7 minutes left, the ESPN announcers commented that Bronco had decided to concede the game to Wisconsin.And when things didn't work from the beginning, the coaches did not make any adjustments until the last three minutes of the game.It was sad to watch.


I agree with Tuffy, all those grades were too high. The o-line was awful and the coaching was what you would expect from someone with little experience, who had never seen any film on their opponent. Clock management has apparently not been covered in any books that Bronco has read. BYU loses a lot of key play-makers next year and basically returns the same offensive line. I don't see any real reason to expect anymore than this year. Until they can compete physically on the line of scrimmage they will struggle against very good teams.
Just once I would like to hear the other team say that BYU did something that they weren't prepared for. We're predictable should be the team motto. Maybe we can get that on the jerseys next year.

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