10 reasons why BYU will beat Wisconsin this Saturday

Published: Friday, Nov. 8 2013 1:21 a.m. MST

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It's no secret that Mendenhall and Andersen are friendly rivals. Their paths have crossed plenty of times in coaching.

Andersen hasn't had much success against Mendenhall when he's been at the helm, as he went just 1-3 against the Cougars in his four seasons as the head coach at Utah State. During that stretch, both teams won in a blowout (2009 for BYU, 2010 for USU) and the other two games came down to the end (27-24 in 2011, 6-3 in 2012).

If the recent trend holds, expect another close contest between the Cougars and Badgers.
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west jordan , UT

I see both teams trying to get the run game going, but I think if we are to win this game it will need to be in the air for BYU. It should be a fun stressful game to watch, but I am not going to say we win this, if we do then I will be as trilled as any BYU faithful. If anything I just hope that we show up with our best game and that BYU looks good on national TV.

Ogden, UT

I don't see it. I see an under rated Wisconsin team that lost to ASU on the road because of some very poor officiating and a close loss to Ohio State (9-0) on the road by a touchdown. I think they have way too much talent for BYU....and playing at Camp Randall Stadium will be tough....20-5 at home since 2006, 28 consecutive home wins against non-conference opponents.
The place is raucous, abusive and insane.....and that's just during the pre-game.

Woods Cross, UT

Hill will need to loosen up the Badger D by going through the air. Then he and Jamaal can go at 'em with their feet. And the offense needs to show up for all four quarters.

But it will be the Cougar D that wins the game. They have got to stop the Wisconsin offense and get some turnovers. It will be a very tough game for our Cougs. But I think they can being home a victory.

metamora, IL

Gonna be there, so the Cougs better win! And if they have the lead the whole game it will help to keep me warm!

Gorum The Old
Madison, AL

Note: this is just my opinion.

This list is 90% wrong.

1)BYU beat a bad wisconsin team over 30 years ago. Doesn't matter,
2)Bronco Mendenhall vs. Gary Andersen. Frankly going 1-3 with 2 of those losses comming by a combined 4 points vs BYU when you are at USU is very impressive.
3)Special teams. BYU is slightly better at kick returns, but BYU's punt returner (who ever he will be) has yet to return a punt this season.
4) Taysom Hill, the first reasonthat actually matters and/or is actually in BYU's favor.
5) As an independent, BYU has more to play for. Not particularly, and even if they do, the marginal difference will have no effect on the game.
6)Strength of schedule proves BYU is well-tested. There is some slight relevance in this one. While the best team they have played this year is only ranked 30th in the latest BCS polls, only one of BYU's 8 opponents currently has a losing record. The biggest thing this help with is not having BYU come in way overconfident like they did against TCU in 2008. However I doubt they were planning on underestimating Wisconsin.

Gorum The Old
Madison, AL

7) BYU has proven it can beat big power teams. Citing games from previous decades isn't terribly convincing. Also, Georgia Tech isn't exactly a power team and beating an 8-5 Oklahoma team on a neutral site really isn't that impressive anyways. The closest thing you could compare it to is Notre Dame last year in which the Fighting irish ran for 270 yards.

That being said, BYU is well equiped to face a power run game. Last year ND did rack up 270 yards (though only 17 points). The biggest reason was that BYU had no depth at DT (literally, the 2nd string DT didn't get a single snap). Eventually Funga got worn down and in the second half ND started to find success on the ground. This year BYU has backup DT capable of filling in without a large gap in production.

8) BYU's rushing attack can counter Wisconsin's. I by counter, you mean provide a functional, though markedly inferior product, then you are correct.
For Wisconsin, Gordon averages 8.7 ypc., Clement averages 7.4 ypc, and White 6.3.
For BYU, Hill Averages 5.9 ypc, Hill 5.1 ypc, and Paul Lasike 4.2

Gorum The Old
Madison, AL

continued from above.

9)Kyle Van Noy — he's an All American for a reason. A very valid reason.

10) Abbrederis vs. Hoffman. Not terribly sure what your reason is here and how it relates to the slide title. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that the point is that Hoffman is very good and that is absolutely true.

Now for my 10 reasons why BYU will win (in no particular order)

1) Taysom Hill. Can't let up or he will make you pay in the air or on the ground.
2) KVN. No explanation needed
3) Marques Johnson. The only team that in the past 2 years that has been successful running the ball on this D was ND. Most of their success came in the second half when a depthless Dline started to wear down. BYU simply had no (legitamate) backup NG. Johnson's development prevent a repeat of the problem.
4) Defensive Coaches. I have been extremely impressed with the defensive coaching this season. They have been extremely flexible and effective in how they've defended.
5) BYU's LBs. Argueably the most athletic group in the Country.

continued below

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

I am a Cougs fan, but when I read articles such as this one, sometimes I can't help but respond when the facts listed make no sense at all. I echo a lot of @ Gorum The Old. But let me include my own response why BYU likely won't win. I obviously want them to, and it would be a significant upset if they do, but this is what my brain is telling me why they won't: #1- The #1 reason listed is a Cougs win over 30 years ago. How relevant is that? #2- Mendenall vs. Andersen match-up against far inferior teams than the talent Andersen currently has. Again, irrelevant claim; #3- Special Teams? The Cougs have the "edge" in this area? We just lost our #1 punt returner for the year; #4- Hill and his explosiveness. Agreed, and Hill has been exciting to watch and improve each week; however, he's never faced this level of talent; #7- BYU has proven they can beat big power teams. How relevant is it to this season's team to list games from previous years? I think this game will be Badgers 27 Cougs 10.

Gorum The Old
Madison, AL

6) Big Plays through the air. Most of the bit plays Wisconsin has given up were through the air against Ohio St, Arizona St, and Illinois. This is the biggest concern of the Wisconsin defensive coaches. BYU has the QB and the receivers to make this concern a reality.

7) Absent or Limited Abbrederis. BYU's pass defense is 27th in the nation in pass eficiency defense. They have been dominate against average receivers, but against really really good ones, they have struggled. Abbrederis is really really good. If he can't play, I don't think Wisconsin gets over 150 yards passing.

8) Not full of cupcakes. None of the 6 teams BYU has beaten this year has a losing record. This does two things. It prevents BYU from having an overinflated opinion of themselves because they tourched a buch of puff balls, and it gives the new starters (mainly CBs and OL) much needed real experience and confidence.

Tom in MS
Madison, MS

I have my own 10 reasons why BYU won't win:
1 - They're BYU
2 - They're BYU
3 - They're BYU
4 - They're BYU
5 - They're BYU
Anyone sensing a pattern here -
6 - They're BYU
7 - They're BYU
8 - They're BYU
9 - They're BYU
10 - They're BYU
Wisconsin's offensive lines are always built on power. The Y had better be ready for an extremely physical game, like the game in Palo Alto last night. If they're not it will be like a hammer coming down, and it won't be pretty. Also, expect a Gary Anderson D, but with better athletes that USU. Sorry BYU, I'll take Wisconsin by at least 17.

Las Vegas, NV

Lot of interesting rants here. I agree what happened 33 seasons ago is pretty irrelevant.
On the other hand, Bronco has beating Anderson a lot and Wisconsin's strengths offensively play right into BYU's defensive wheelhouse. As for Wisconsin's vaunted defense, it has faced six offenses that rank from #69 to #235 among 240 NCAA FBS>FCS programs. #69 Illinois rolled up 32 points as did ASU and Ohio State scored 31. BYU can move the ball and score, possibly enough to win. Nobody sane would predict a BYU win in Madison tomorrow, at least not with their heads. But my gut tells me there is an upset looming out there. I may be wrong! But BYU fans should have plenty of sound land logical reasons to hope for the upset.

podunk utah

one reason BYU loses to Wisconsin... Wisconsin is just a better football team

Sparkley Briefs
New York, NY

This should be a great game. We'll get a pretty good idea of how good the Cougars stack up against a very good team. A win here puts the team in the top 25 for certain.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

The first point is pretty bogus. Citing a victory against Wisconsin back in 1980 as a reason we will win today's game is flat out silly. However, there are many good points stated.

I don't know if BYU will win. I would like to say so, but it really depends on which BYU team shows up. BYU certainly CAN beat Wisconsin, but that does not mean that they will. I believe Wisconsin is the better team, so it will be tough for BYU. However, BYU can pull of the upset and that would be HUGE for them. All that considered, we'll find out shortly which team BYU puts on the field today.

What I've learned from watching BYU games is that if BYU gets too far behind, they will most likely not catch up. If they get a little ahead, they tend to let the foot off the pedal a little, giving the opponent a chance to catch up. I think the key to winning is to keep from letting Wisconsin get too far ahead, and NEVER LET UP! Keep the pedal to the metal! BYU will need to give all they've got to win.

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