BYU football's biggest road wins in school history

Published: Tuesday, Nov. 5 2013 6:43 p.m. MST

Sept. 8, 1979: BYU 18, No. 14 Texas A&M 17 Next » 1 of 10 « Prev

BYU had never won a game against a non-conference ranked opponent before it made the trip to Rice Stadium in Houston to take on No. 14 Texas A&M. The Cougars' prospects looked grim as star quarterback Marc Wilson underwent and appendectomy the week before the game.

But Wilson and BYU would not be denied this chance at making history.

The Cougar defense came up big with a blocked punt and a goal-line stand, and Wilson threw a touchdown pass with just 52 seconds remaining. BYU head coach LaVell Edwards could have sent this game into overtime with an extra point, but instead decided to roll the dice and try for two. BYU converted and held on to win, 18-17.
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Provo, UT

I think the UCLA was the biggest and second was the win over Texas A & M. Those wins really showed that BYU could play with the big boys.

bountiful, ut

Just win on Saturday... What more needs be said? This season has turned out to be a stunning delight!

Cinci Man

I want to see this week's game. If they can pull this one out, it will rank among the biggest wins. Bring it all to the game Cougars! We know you can do it. Now do it!

Spanish Fork, Ut

Not much of an impressive list considering it goes back 35 years. I don't know if that is more of a reflection of the big road games BYU has lost or the strength of their opponents during this time. One thing is for sure, Bronco needs to win bigger games on the road. BYU loses way too many of them and not usually because they are the weaker team. BYU has an uncanny way of beating themselves. Beating Wisconsin would be huge.

Dietrich, ID

In 1979 a tie game ended in a tie. There was no OT in college football until 1996. That is why going for win or tie was crucial decision. Remember 1991 at SDSU.

Plano, TX

Re the Texas AM game... College football games ended in ties. 1996 is when they started OT.

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