Obamacare isn't the first government program or initiative to be mishandled

Published: Monday, Nov. 4 2013 11:24 p.m. MST

Associated Press
The Affordable Care Act isn't the first government program that didn't work as advertised. In addition to the problems with Obamacare, here is a list of some mishandled government initiatives.
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The Rock
Federal Way, WA

I would like to see a list of government programs that were not mishandled:

Here is my list:


There you have it.

Lees Summit, MO

Well, I guess above ground nuclear testing puts things in perspective. I'll stop complaining about the website.

Cedar Hills, UT

The take-away message I'm getting from this is that government programs are inefficient and managed poorly. Sounds like a strong argument for cutting government programs and encouraging the private sector instead.

Cedar Hills, UT

Social Security: mishandled and running out of money
Medicare: mishandled and running out of money
Medicaid: mishandled and running out of money
I'm certainly seeing a pattern. Does anyone actually expect Obamacare to be any different?

Hayden, ID

The price tag for things the government mishandles is now over $17 trillion and growing by about $50 billion everyday and that's before the Obamacare deficits which will be massive and are headed our way. "The federal government is not the solution, the federal government is the problem", Ronald Reagan!

Durham, NC

"The federal government is not the solution, the federal government is the problem", Ronald Reagan!

And yet Reagan led one of the biggest increases in government spending and buildup up to that date excluding war time spending. It is one thing to say something, but actions, in this case spending record, say something completely different.

And I am not saying what Reagan did was wrong. But lets not confuse election time speeches with actual policy. At the same time, the thing that causes me the most problems, is my family, and at the same time it is also my family brings me the most joy. These two things are not inconsistent.

Salt Lake City, UT

Maybe if we bring the government to a standstill again, Obamacare will completely fail.

That would be sooooo awesome. That would be a total victory for the anti-government side of this country.

Then we can go back to the good ol' days, when healthcare worked just fine without government intrusion.

Stay strong! Just keep fighting it people, you know it's evil!!

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

A very strange way to take another shot at the ACA. It is not the exchanges that are the problem, but a web site that some must use to sign up and access the exchanges. In places where states established their own web sites the sign up is going well. Obstructionist Governors like Hebert are as much a reason for the problems together with private sector, yes the private sector contractors who were unable to create a viable tested web site in time, or to warn key government personnel that they were not ready.

Onion Daze
Payson, UT

Go and read example #4. A private company called "Six Companies" caused the deaths of about 40 workers at Hover (Boulder) Dam.

Cherry picking examples can give you any result you want.

There are numerous banks and stock brokerage companies that are being fined hundreds of millions of dollars in this year of 2013. They contributed substantially to the 2008 crash.

Rather than being too big to fail they are perhaps too big too JAIL.

"I'm certainly seeing a pattern..." here Mr. Shane.

Does the above mean that banks and Wall Street should be nationalized?

Answer: NO

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

"The federal government is not the solution, the federal government is the problem", Ronald Reagan!...".

The quote above is in direct opposition to what Reagan actually did while the POTUS...

Ronald Reagan agreed to government raising taxes 11 times, raising the debt ceiling 18 times and tripling the national debt.

Politics as usual?


Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

I still haven't seen a plan from any party that balances the budget, puts us on the path of permanently paying off the national debt and building a rainy day fund.

It's very simple what the problem is. Left wing extremists refuse to cut any of their programs, democrats refuse to cut, moderate democrats refuse to cut, independents refuse to cut, Republicans refuse to cut, right wing won't cut in some areas, moderate Republicans refuse to cut.

Most of them just find a way to add another $500 Billion to it. The only group that has been close is the Tea Party, where they are willing to take the cuts necessary.

We don't need more taxes. We've proven that since they just hauled in a record $2.7 Trillion in taxes so far. Far more than the past, yet we are spending more than we can handle.

Budget $2 Trillion. Use the $.7 Trillion strictly on the principle of debt. Just over 24 years we'll be debt free.

Provo, UT

Comparing apples and orange juice.

Gonzales, LA

I think that the problem that lies with the ACA is that we were blatantly lied to and they knew it wouldn't work and many would lose their Drs and policies. There in lies the difference. I realize lies are said by many however this one keeps the lies going and what's the saddest part is the number of people that defend this with statements like he didn't know. My thoughts if your that disconnected then you shouldn't be there. . period

Salt Lake City, UT

I would like to remind people that as an insurance worker, I know that "open enrollment" is a time to find the best plan for a person and then choose that plan for the coming year. It has always been a stressful time at insurance companies and in this case with so many people it is understandable and could not have been totally planned on. It's disappointing that the website has been having problems, but I still have been able to study the plans and will be informed to choose for January 2014. And if a person can't do it by then the time has been extended until the end of March. Also, for those unhappy about the insurance companies cancelling people, that says something about them, not the ACA. It says that the fair practices of the ACA (no pre-existing conditions and being fair to others) have not been the goal of some of the insurance companies. This has caused a lot of heartache in our country.

Cedar Hills, UT

mishandled?? Quite the understatement I would say. That's like calling the Vietnam war a "mishandled military exercise".

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

You forgot the search for WMD in Iraq.

Albuquerque, NM

Let's add the mishandling of lost property by the USPS by the Atlanta Georgia Mail Recovery Center to the list in this article. The head of the center, Lionel Snow, has repeatedly quoted return rates of 15% to 43% but he may be lying about items of resale value, or he is purposely avoiding disclosing how many articles with resale value get returned to their owners, because I did not get even 1 of 70 lost books back. Since August 2012 there was a semi-secret business deal with Gov Deals dot com without Congressional approval so now a private company keeps selling off supposedly unclaimed articles online. Atlanta did not even respond to my search form, follow-up letters, or answer the phone until the 6 month period to submit insurance claims was nearly up, then they only reimbursed me for 2 of 3 boxes. It seems postal authorities wanted to push that business deal through more than serve customers. I saw photos posted repeatedly on Gov Deals show lost books piled up haphazardly, as if workers do not sort at all. They have exposed their own incompetent operations.

Sugar City, ID

Kimber, Acknowledging that there were/are some serious problems in the insurance industry and the health care field, the fact is that Obama and the supporters of the ACA assured American citizens that under the ACA they could keep their current insurance policies and their current medical providers and a lot of them can't. Period! This is what is called at best incompetence but more accurately called deception, lying, double cross, betrayal coming from our leaders in Washington. No wonder people are mad.

Bountiful, UT

Yes Obamacare has had a rough start. However to only see this and overlook the fact that in America, no longer will people be denied health care because of a pre-existing condition, or because they aren't lucky enough to have an employeer that provides health insurance or decent health insurance is straining at a knat and failing to appreciate the big picture.

If we would regulate the too big to fail banks and brokerages properly, AND cease going to war endlessly, we will have enough money to take care of our own country.

Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

I wonder why no mention of Medicare Part D. That was at first a fiasco also. Since so much hatred for the ACA, why don't the Republicans present their plan from either 1994 or 2011?

Idaho Falls, ID

It's soooooo sad. This government is full of corruption!

Gonzales, LA

To CJB 1st what good does it do to have health care if there are no drs or hospitals that take the policies you have, you fail to see the end game. Go on and read and understand what is truly happening, its not about health care its about control.
To Dixie Dan the repubs did offer their plan however you all fail to realize that a certain senate majority leader never allowed any of this for a vote do you people not follow what goes on. I find problems with both parties however Mr Harry Reid has been the stumbling stone for anything that comes out of a republican controlled house. This is the same man that said Mitt Romney hadn't paid his taxes, or did you all forget that lie even after Mitt showed that he did, then it was he should of done it sooner, PSSt Harry did you pay yours, prove it.

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