13 NFL players with Utah ties who will make an impact in 2011

Published: Monday, Aug. 1 2011 3:21 p.m. MDT

Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News
From Brett "The Beard" Keisel and Eric Weddle on the defensive side of the ball to John Beck and Chris Cooley on offense, plenty of players with Utah ties are poised to have an impact on their NFL teams this year. Here's our list of locals to watch now that the lockout is over.
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Was there any real thought that went into these rankings? If you're going off of players actually looking to make a significant impact, how do you forget Sione Pouha from the Jets? Allow me: for the last 3 years the East High and University of Utah graduate made an almost seamless transition filling in for injured All-Pro Kris Jenkins. With Jenkins retired, "Bo" enters his first season as the Jets' opening day starter at nose tackle for one of the league's toughest defenses. This of course is overlooked, however, because of a John Beck sighting.


I'm sorry but Jordan Gross is the BEST player from the University of Utah in the NFL. He is the highest draft pick (outside of Alex Smith)with the 8th overall pick in 2003. On February 19, 2008, the Panthers named Gross their franchise player!!! and placed the franchise tag on him giving him a one year $7.45 million dollar deal, followed up by a 6 year deal, he is still one of the highest OL players in the NFL.

Provo, UT

John Beck over Alex Smith, are you kidding me? I know Smith has generally been disappointing but has Beck actually done anything. And both are overranked Ngata is not #1, he is clearly the best player with actual home grown Utah ties. Chris Cooley underranked. Steve Smith at tied at #12, his career rejuvenates he's probably #2. But again another stupid D-News list, almost as bad their Top 10 athlete list.

Wally West

Also on the phins roster are; Paul Soliai & Koa Misi from the U as well as John Denney from BYU.

Idaho Falls, ID

Not sure how you come up with a formula to rank football athletes unless they are pro bowlers. Also, how long have they made an impact on a team. Not worth the paper printed on in my opinion. Just great to see players from Utah actually worth watching in the NFL. I wish Detroit would pick up a Chris Cooley so I could watch the Turkey Day game and root for an Aggie again.

sid 6.7
Holladay, UT

Way to go Morton, you sure riled the monkeys up with this one!

American Fork, UT

Folks, it's just a list. It's not ranked. If players are missing maybe DN could run another list.

West Jordan, UT

6 Utes
3 Cougars
2 Aggies
2 Highland players

Enough said on where the NFL talent comes from in the great state of Utah.


this format is terrible!!! not worth waiting for each slow page to load, why don't you try a user friendly format instead of trying to up your page count for your ads dNews?

Payson, UT

Surprised Beck was listed here. Last time I checked, Beck was still #2 on the depth chart behind Rex Grossman. Not bad, but still not a starting QB. Not sure where this story got its info, but kind of silly to say they expect Beck to Cooley to be common. - not gonna happen.

Three players that should have made this list
1. Sione Pouha - Jets
2. Koa Misi - Dolphins
3. Harvey Unga - Bears

Sione and Koa were amazing on defense last year and Harvey didn't get a chance to play. Hope he gets off of IR.


Well Grossman got re-signed today. You want make a substitution on that three spot, Aaron?

Kaysville, UT

Alex smith over rated. What has he ever done in the NFL.Poor choice as a number one pick. Hey niners does the name Aaron Rodgers ring a bell. Nice draft niners

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