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Ray Boren, Deseret News archives
Among the endless scenic options available in this region, Bryce Canyon stands out in a class by itself, a giant natural amphitheater of ancient hoodoos created by continual erosion.

If not staying at Ruby's Inn (Bryce's landmark lodge), the regional towns of Torrey, Boulder, Escalante and Panguitch are great base destinations for camping, hiking, exploring and other activities.

Area highlights:
> Waterpocket Fold
> Golden Throne
> Peak-A-Boo and Spooky Gulch slot canyons
> Kodachrome Basin
> Anasazi State Park Museum
> Red Canyon
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PC Jones
La Verkin, UT

Anybody visiting Bryce/Escalante needs to do the lower Calf Creek Falls hike. The waterfall is one of the most beautiful I've seen. Well worth it.

Provo, UT

I would add the Bingham Copper Mine as a good thing to see in the Salt Lake Valley.

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

Ummmm... Last time I checked, the Grand Canyon was in the state of Arizona. And the last time I checked, Arizona and Utah are two seperate states.

Also, the Bingham Copper Mine is terrible. It is not fun at all, and it really is not that exiting. It's an extremely overblown attraction, it's not that great.

Magna, UT


Ummmmm... Much of the access to the north rim of the Grand Canyon is through Kanab Utah and Kanab happens to be in Utah. Kanab is the center of many attractions in the area.

To some the Bingham copper pit is terrible but for many it's pretty impressive.

Why the negativity? Did someone kick your cat today?

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

PTB: Younger children will be fascinated by the big trucks. And it the size of the mine is impressive--where else will you see something like this--in Chile?. If you are into geology at all the little museum there is pretty cool. I still think it is worth the visit.


Am I wrong? I thought the coral pink sand dunes are in the Kanab area not the st geo area

Salt Lake City, UT

Portland Trail Blazers never has anything positive to say, just go over to the sports section and see for yourself.

The Copper mine is one of two man made things, along with the Great Wall of China, that can be seen from space. The mine is amazing in my opinion.

Kearns, UT

My idea of a getaway destination in Utah or this country is one that it is still free to enter and free to camp and enjoy the wilderness. The reason to visit the many parks is to getaway from the city and commercialism, who want to drive dead head in to a money pit destination. The only destination in Utah that is still free and nice to visit is your own back yard.

State and Federal commercial tourist traps are never pleasant or worth visiting, all you see is other idiots who paid to look at a view. Even the idea of fishing or boating in Utah has no real appeal and too expensive. Tourist cops everywhere now.


The Great Wall cannot be seen from space. It is too narrow and only a portion is restored for viewing. The rest of the wall is covered in greenery with many trees growing in the middle of the wall.
The Bingham Copper Mine is ugly from my house but impressive and fascinating from the visitor's center.

Salt Lake City, UT

Love the Bingham Copper mine. Many hours spent at the visitor's center. Can't wait until I go again.

Weston Jurney
West Jordan, UT

How do you figure Hovenweep is in the Kanab area?

Merritt Island, Fl

The "Free to enter" days are mostly gone now. Most of the fees are really nusence fees to ensure people who want to be there have access for a few bucks. There is also the steady decline of services deemed unnecessary for Federal funding, pushing the revenue sources to "direct sales or user fees".
I don't like it either, let's just be happy the States and Congress do not just lock the gates for our lifetime. This Sequester is only a first step, no one complains and it will expand.


In 2015 there are nine "free to enter" days for the national parks. You can easily look them up online.

The North Rim of the Grand Canyon is a totally different experience than the South Rim and much nicer if you like it rustic and cooler. Access is pretty much through Utah and one of the coolest things to see from the North Rim at 7000 feet, if you are lucky, is looking down on a thunderstorm in the Grand Canyon! The North Rim gets a lot of snow and is closed during the winter.

Ivins, UT

Based on these comments I am not even reading the article. It has been my experience that people from Utah County north, have no clue where anything is in the southern part of the state. By the way, Point Imperial on the north rim is 8800 ft, and I totally agree, the north rim is way better than the south rim.

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