Unforgettable records in local college football history that will make your eyes pop

Published: Thursday, Oct. 24 2013 8:08 p.m. MDT

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For 13 years, former BYU quarterback Ty Detmer sat alone atop the NCAA career passing yards list, with 15,031 yards, until Hawaii's Timmy Chang broke the record in 2004.

While his national mark has been bested, it could be a long time before anyone at a school known for its strong quarterback play approaches Detmer's career passing mark, let alone his 121 career touchdown passes.

During his Cougar career, Detmer threw for 400 or more yards 14 times, including a high of 599 against San Diego State in 1991. In the 1990 season, he topped that mark eight times and averaged 432.3 yards per game, amassing 5,188 passing yards and 41 touchdowns his junior year.

That makes it easy to see how he brought home the state's lone Heisman Trophy.
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Saint George, UT

Good list but you can't forget Reggie Dunn's multiple NCAA records for kick returns, he was absolutely electric every time he touched the ball.

And how exactly did Kerwynn Williams average 120.3 yards per kickoff return? That would be impressive...and impossible. I checked the stats and I think you meant 120.3 return yards per GAME, not per return.

Other than those things, this was a fun list to read. Well done indeed.

El Chango Supremo
Rexburg, ID

Check out the video of the 1988 game... though I am a BYU fan, what Utah running back did after scoring the first touchdown was awesome!

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

Slide 5: BYU Scored 83 points against UTEP

I was at BYU then. Lloyd Eldridge and Todd Shell were in my ward. Coach Edwards was accused of running up the score in that game. What is not generally known (according to the two a fore mentioned players)is the lengths that Coach Edwards went to in order to keep the score down.

After Jim McMahon left the game the order went out:

NO Passing. We still scored.
Then they only allowed them to run the exact same running play on each down. The only wrinkle was that they could dive the ball on the left or the right side of the line.

We still scored.

Our offensive coordinator, sitting in the booth let the UTEP OC know that the players were only allowed to run that one play. It made no difference. We scored and scored and scored.

You just hurt inside for the other team. Coach Edwards was a friend of the UTEP coach. Coaches get fired for games like that. That is not what Edwards wanted to happen.

Coach Edwards was a class act all the way around.

Arm of Orion
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Where's Reggie?

Jerome, ID

On slide 18, Jack Hill, something is not right. If he scored 5 touchdowns and 3 field goals, that would be 39 points. Assuming he also kicked the extra points, that would be 44. You have that he scored 33 and don't say anything about the extra points. Unless you meant he only made 3 of 5 extra points and no field goals?

Samurai Jake
Salt Lake City, UT

Brandon Judd, nice article. But you absolutely need to resubmit the list. It's an insult to Reggie Dunn not to give him top honors on this list. His NCAA records deserve serious recognition!

Go Reggie Dunn! Go Utes!

Fred T

You mised one.....

back on Nov 8th, 1975 the record was set for the highest tie ever in Division-1 history. This record included Div-1A and Div-1AA teams.
The records was set in Ogden when the Wildcats hosted the Univ of Idaho. The score was 40-40 and Weber had to make a long drive in the final minutes to get within field goal range.
Because of the new overtime rules, there actually has been higher ties, but nothing like this in regulation. Now how difficult is that? To plan a highest tie ever and succeed (sarcasm intended) By the way, we did not feel liek we kissed our cousin... A Tie can feel like a win.

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