BYU football: Five questions with a Boise State insider

Published: Thursday, Oct. 24 2013 12:14 p.m. MDT

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Ravell Call
How important is this out-of-conference game for Boise State? How does the team regard BYU and the challenges the Cougars present?

The Broncos are hoping to finish the season ranked ahead of Fresno State in the BCS standings so they can host the first Mountain West championship game if they qualify for it. While Friday night's game is a nonconference game, it's a huge game and could go a long way in helping Boise State gain some points in the polls moving forward. The Broncos are rarely underdogs, and they enter Friday's game as a seven-point underdog to BYU. Coach Chris Petersen said it will be one of the toughest challenges they've faced since he took over as head coach in 2006.
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Roy, UT

Boise St. has owned the football Cougars, dominating streaks are not easy to break, so BYU will have to start very strong, and continue with 4 qtrs of effort, as BSU will not quit and have ability to blow up the scoreboard. Y has the talent to win, do they have the drive and the heart? Think of a little brother who comes close, but never can seem to beat the older one...that's Friday's challenge against the dominating Broncos! Can Bronco beat the Broncos?

Salt Lake City, UT

Lots of players with long flowing wigs on. It would seem like that would be getting pulled a lot. "Holding the long hair of opponent" 15 yard penalty.

As long as BSU doesn't come wearing grass green uniforms, I am okay. It always seems a bit unfair for them to cover themselves in blue then play on a field the same color. It can't make spotting them easy.

Las Vegas, NV

DRay (owned the Cougars)? BSU is 3-0,could easily be 1-2. In 2 loses, Boise won on a muffed kick and coach's decision. Boise's big win came against worst BYU team in 50 seasons. The 28-27 win was against 2nd worst BYU team in 40 seasons. BSU built it's reputation mainly against teams that recently attained FBS status facing former Big Sky, PCAA and Big West programs. BYU of the 70's, 80's and 90's won against long-time 1-A/FBS level teams. Wyoming, Arizona and ASU had been powers in the 60's in the old WAC. Only SDSU had recently moved up the ladder from 1-AA where it had been a national second tier power for decades. Sorry, I just don't have the same "fear level" or respect for BSU. I love what they have done there, especially recruiting PAC level talent that can't meet PAC academic standards. But BSU is NOT BYU or vice versa. Each is a different program with marvelous achievements.

Wheatom, IL

Hey they are the best team in Idaho. What can we say! They seem to have every advantage in this analysis. Why then would the odds makers have BYU a favorite? This is a great rivalry because beating BSU actually means something. It is high time we finally beat them!

Lindon, UT

Blue uniforms on a blue turf is just another gimmick, like the other gimmicks BS uses. But gimmicks do not work very well if the opposing team plays good, positional football, both on offense, and especially defense. I believe Bronco will have his team ready. Go team - start strong, continue strong, and end strong - a complete game on offense and defense. I have that feeling - BYU wins BIG!

Lindon, UT

How about we gimmick BSU - turn the tables on them. Not all game, but when we need a score and are in the red zone. How about a fake field goal on a 4th down inside the 10 - or on a 3rd and short in the red zone, Hill hands it off to the running back who starts right stops then throws a short pass left back to Hill who goes around the left end and into the end zone for a TD.

Salt Lake City, UT

I actually do sort of like the BYU gimmick approach. Good thought. Bronco and Anae are super conservative, but maybe they will break the mold.......I hope so.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

Nobody dislikes the broncos more than I do, but how is blue-uni-on-blue-turf any different than green-uni-on-green-turf? That camo scheme hasn't done much to help Colorado State.

Salt Lake City, UT

A much over used phrase. This is about a football game, not ownership.


Once again, Cougars, we have to come in humble but stoked and stay that way all the way through, eliminating last week's mistakes if possible, but clawing till the end! Every week is our biggest game of the season and this Friday, let's not embarrass ourselves on national ESPN! We've got the talent and D and just have to stay fresh, maybe not worry about making 115 plays, but executing on the ones we do. I don't think the no huddle is really wearing anyone down but us, if we have to rotate so many O-line in and out. So let's 'go fast go smart' and maybe we can do a big W again. Those guys have owned Utah teams for the last time, whaddya say!

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