10 must-know facts and stats about the upcoming BYU-Boise State game

Published: Thursday, Oct. 24 2013 11:51 a.m. MDT

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Boise State ranks fifth in the nation in third-down conversion percentage. The Broncos have converted 59 of 109 third-down attempts (54.1 percent). In contrast, BYU ranks 98th nationally in this facet of the game, converting only 43 of its 127 third-down attempts (33.9 percent).

This year, BYU’s offense has had a tendency to run the ball on first and second down for either minimal gains or significant losses and penalties, thus setting up difficult third-and-long situations. The team that is more successful at moving the sticks on third down will likely have a better chance of winning the game.
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Aurora, CO

Any article about "must-know facts" that doesn't include the KVN Factor is hardly worth reading.

These ten factors seem to favor BSU but home field and BYU's Linebacker crew spells trouble for Boise.

Predicted score:

BYU 31 BSU 28

Gooooooooooo Cougars!!!

Tom in MS
Madison, MS

I dare you to play Ole Miss again - you get beaten like a drum! I don't know why everyone thinks this will be a close game. Boise should win by at least 3 TD's.

Hayden, ID

If BSU's QB can throw as accurately as Houston's O'Korn, BYU will have a tough time. BYU can defense a good running attack but it struggles defending a very good passing team. On offense, BYU will need better blocking to stop all the blitzing linebackers like Houston did especially in the second half and BSU is surely likely to do as well. If BYU can pick up the blitzes and make BSU's QB just a bit less accurate, I like BYU's chances.

Murray, UT

Tom in MS,
What is this Ole Miss game you speak of? Neither team has played them this year and if you're a Boise fan (which i'm guessing you are or why would you be reading an article about this game from MS) then you should know Boise played SOUTHERN Mississippi! 3TD victory? Are you aware that all of Boise's offensive stats are moot at this point? Backup QB with a completely different style. Learn the game, know a team, then make a public comment. BYU's defensive numbers are skewed by 1 game in Houston where 16 points Houston scored weren't on the Defense. These teams are NOT close defensively. BYU has the superior defense


Ol Miss? What has that got to do with tomorrows game?

One thing I don't like about these articles is that they write them as if all things are equal. They are not. One outlet (Team Rankings) has Boise States current SOS at 67, while BYU's is 37. Sagarin's SOS rating is a little narrower with Boise ranked at 32 and BYU at 28. It seems as if the writer doesn't take into consideration that maybe the reason Grant Hedrick had such a good outing against Nevada is because Nevada really stinks this year and they stink against a weak schedule (Nevada's current Sagarin SOS is 92).

I'm not saying Hedrick isn't a good QB or a QB that BYU shouldn't worry too much about. Boise continues to have a huge ace in the hole and that's their head coach. The value of a talented HC can't be quantified. The college football landscape is strewn with the dead carcasses of superior teams that got beaten by lesser talented teams all because of better coaching. However, can't these articles at least not be written like both teams have played the same caliber teams?

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