Best quotes from Pac-12 Media Day

Published: Tuesday, July 26 2011 7:47 p.m. MDT

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Associated Press
"It doesn't affect me. We've never been picked high, so it's not unusual for us, is it?"

-- Arizona coach Mike Stoops on the Wildcats being picked fourth in the South Division
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Pete in Texas
Copperas Cove, TX

Sarkisian? "Teams with rich football traditions"? Let's be honest, except for the last decade, hasn't Utah's football "tradition" been losing games and having a hard time selling out a stadium that only seats 40,000 fans?

Nice legacy....

Ogden, UT

"'We've added two great schools and programs to our conference...It should be just a really, really interesting year.' Oregon State coach Mike Riley"

Yeah, sure. You're all so good you'll all come out with a .500 won/loss record in conference play.

Sounds really exciting.

Ogden, UT

"'I have a real stake in this. This is not just my job, it's my alma mater. It's kind of my dream to be the head coach at UCLA. I am looking forward to this year like none other in that if we can get over this hump and get going in the right direction.' -- UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel."

What's that again?

American Fork, UT

these quotes are hillarious. and the package 12 is made up of academic types? whatever....

Saint George, UT

As a die hard coug, I really hope the Utes perform well in the Pac 12 this year. I hope the Utes are the South Division Champs at season's end. I am sick of the lack of respect the West Coast schools dish out to Utah programs. I especially can't stand the arrogance of USC. I hope the Utes can prove them all wrong. I really like the coaching staff at the U and I wish them the best of luck in all their games expect the one on September 17.

Go Cougs...Go Utes

Layton, UT

Prediction -
BYU by 21 over Utah this year
Utah will win the Pac 12

Quote after the mics were turned off at the Pac 12 Media day "sure glad we got Utah and not BYU, Would be really embarrassing to lose to those non sunday playing Mormons."

Las Vegas, NV

Best quote of the day:

"Utah picked to finish 5th in the conference".


I really want Utah to finish first or second in the conference, but it will depend heavily on how quickly Jordan Wynn can get up to speed. Chow knows his stuff, but the qb has to be mentally tougher than Wynn has shown himself to be in the past. I'm not a U fan, but I don't mind the staff (since most have BYU connections anyway) and the state can always use the positive publicity. (not to mention more out of town skiers in the winter months) It's good for our economy to have Utah do well on the field.

orem, ut

The most competitive the conference has ever been with a team joining the ranks that has an 0-18 streak going on the road? I think the better term is the easiest to win it has ever been.

Nowhere, US

Yes, Utah shouldn't be patting themselves on the back too much considering that Colorado (18 straight away losses) was their counterpart. Getting into the PAC and gaining their respect are two different things. You got in, now do something about it.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Come on guys, isn't it time to put the hard feelings and the sour grapes away?

Sandy, UT

@Pete in Texas. Why do BYU fans always insist that Utah doesn't have a good program solely because of its history prior to the past 10 years? Do the past 10 years count for nothing? Aren't the past 10 years really the most relevant anyway? Besides, I did a little research (via wikipedia) and found that Utah's all-time record is actually better than BYUs. Since the two teams started playing football, Utah has won 57% of its games vs. BYU winning 55% of its games. What span of years is relevant in determining the quality of a schools history? I'm guessing your answer will be any number of years that favors BYU.

Las Vegas, NV


Isn't it time to stop using the phrase "sour grapes". You've used it like 5 times in two different forums.

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