Believe it or not: 10 haunted places in Salt Lake City

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Used by permission, Utah State Historical Society, all rights reserved.
Historical address: Main Street, Northeast corner of 100 North

The McCune Mansion took three years to build at a cost of $1 million in 1901. It is currently used as a venue for weddings, celebrations and other occasions.

The mansion is said to be haunted by two apparitions: a man wearing a black cape and a girl about the age of 10 who particularly enjoys weddings, Sherri Granato wrote at Yahoo. A picture of the girl hangs in the mansion, and she is usually seen during weddings, dancing and giggling. The man is most often seen during Christmas time.
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Black Shirts
Mckinney, TX

I worked at the Hotel and delivered room service to this family a few times. The father would hide his family when I delivered food. It was the 11th floor and the Alta suite, which is the middle room facing east.

Salt Lake City, UT

Speaking of haunted locations, I had hoped the Salt Lake Masonic Temple would make the list. It's believed there is a ghost we call Charlie. No one is sure of Charlie's origins, but he is well known in the building. Charlie likes to haunt the elevator, stopping it on the wrong floor. He likes the third floor. We think it's because that is where the ladies tea room is located. Maybe he likes the view of the great Hall. Sometimes he sends us to the sixth floor, which is mostly unused but does lead to the roof where there used to be dining and dancing. Elevator Technicians have found nothing wrong with the controls or any other reason for the unplanned stops, yet the elevator would stop at these locations going up or down.

Red Corvette
St. George, UT

I don't believe in the supernatural or ghosts either one, holy or not.

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