BYU football: Ranked teams the Cougars beat that ended their season outside the AP top 25

Published: Sunday, Oct. 20 2013 11:56 p.m. MDT

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Sept. 5, 2009

Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas

Oklahoma finished 8-5 (5-3 Big XII).

BYU finished 11-2 (7-1 MW) and 12th in the final AP poll.

The Cougars startled the nation in the first game at Jerry Jones’ Cowboys Stadium. Max Hall was efficient, throwing 26 of 38 for 329 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions. BYU benefitted from a sprained shoulder to Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford. His backup, Landry Jones, was mediocre.

The Sooners came quite short of competing for a national championship as expected. They stumbled to a 3-3 start, unable to beat ranked Miami and Texas. That lead to a 10-3 defeat to Nebraska in week 10 and a 41-13 hammering by Texas Tech. The latter was curious given that the Sooners had throttled Texas A&M by 55 points just one week earlier.
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Plano, TX

That A&M game is the one where Marc Wilson played a week after appendicitis surgery.

Spanish Fork, UT

In 1967 BYU went to undefeated Oregon State (ranked in the UPI and who was ranked in #7 in the AP at the end of the year) and beat them 31-13. Their program wasn't the same for three decades after that.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Of the 12 games listed, 8 were in Sept. The rankings at that time were very subjective based primarily on the prior year and, perhaps, historical reputations. The fact that BYU beat them was a contributing factor to their falling out of the rankings; however, it was only one factor. Other teams would also have "upset" them. Conclusion. At the end of the season these teams were not as strong as believed and were not a top 25 team. Note: this is not unique to BYU. The same would be said for any team beating a top 25 team early in the year if that team also loses other games which together throws them out of the national rankings.

Las Vegas, NV

Except that several polls now rank Texas back in the Top 25, and Ol Miss just knocked off NC contender LSU. Notre Dame just beat USC while Boise State and Wisconsin just won big again. Maybe BYU is a pretty good team after all.

Salt Lake City, UT

It does seem like BYU beats a ranked team an then that team tanks the rest of the season. I wish that just once BYU could beat a team that goes on to have a decent season.

The Middle Of, UT

Over the years there is a never ending stream of smack talk over this? The talk of a national championship, award winners, ranked seasons and these four wins are the only victories over ranked teams (midseason and later)?
No. 14 Penn State
No. 17 Notre Dame
No. 18 Oregon State
No. 20 Washington State

Not even a top 10 win in the lot, one in the top 15.
Is this really true, BYU has never beaten Utah when they have been ranked?

I know that this post is going to be a lightening rod (if allowed through), please respond intelligently and with facts.

Sandy, UT

@82Ute & Vladhagan

BYU defeats #1 Miami...Miami then goes on to finish #2 in the Nation.
So you see, it looks like BYU did indeed beat "The U" while they were ranked.

This of course assured that Ty Detmer and BYU, would win one of the two most coveted prizes in all of College Football...The Heisman Memorial Trophy.

Along side BYU's undisputed Unanimous National Championship (Coaches, Writers, N.F.F., F.W.A.A.) this is what keeps Ute fans up at night, to this day.

Get back to us Utah fans, when your program has even one National Award winner (BYU has 21) or even one College Hall of Famer (BYU has 7)!


The Middle Of, UT


Typical response. Popularity contest is what BYU is good at, by that I mean that it is all about the votes. On the field their claim to fame is beating #1 Miami in the first game of the year. Oh and Michigan in '84 (that was 6-5?).

That is all. Continue getting 9-11 wins against mediocre teams. Hey you will get popularity votes then, won't you.

Totally underwhelmed.

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