BYU report card: BYU wins a wild one in Houston, 47-46

Published: Sunday, Oct. 20 2013 7:55 a.m. MDT

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The offense came out firing on all cylinders while the defense looked surprisingly unprepared for Houston's wide-open attack. This was flipped somewhat in the second half as the offense again failed to make necessary adjustments to slow down Houston's pass rush.

Coach Bronco Mendenhall made a gutty cornerback blitz call late that paid off big-time with Mike Hague dropping O'Korn to a big loss that led to a miss on a 40-yard field goal.

Grade: C
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Saint Paul, MN

The analysis on the defense's performance is a tad skewed. Of the 46 points, exactly half might be questionable in attributing to the defense. There was the safety for two, returned interception for seven, kick-off return for seven, and "first" -- the 69-yard touchdown pass that only begrudgingly, after several replays, did the announcers say, "well, maybe that was offensive pass interference". Up until those questionable 69, the "D" had given up only 15 yards.

Credit to the Houston offense, however, who did come alive after the first quarter. Those 69 notwithstanding, their passing started to shred the Y's secondary as the game progressed.

This game reminded me an awful lot of the Detmer-led shoot-out against Penn State, though with the obvious difference in the outcome.

Salt Lake City, UT

Now, having read the article, I disagree with Brandon. He should have listened to the Post game show where things were explained by coaches who actually knew what was going on.

Offense:Given man to man in the first half the offense killed Houston. Gave up one touchdown on a bad pass but other wise did great. Second half, lost Jamaal, had zone coverage and Houston went lights out on the pass rush. They changed we didn't.

Defense: Shutdown Houston in the first half except for a "push off touchdown" that everyone in the nation saw except the 8 guys and 1 gal standing next to it. The defense took three interceptions from a QB that had 11 tds and only one interception in 5 games. They collected a field wide fumble that the referees couldn't see but video did. (Was this a PAC 12 crew?)

Special teams: There was only the one kickoff failure. They kicked it out of the endzone on all but two kicks and Hine took one of those 47 yards. They had a Lee Johnson worthy punter and good coverage so only one return could be attempted.

Coaches: Won it

Oh, and Houston is good.

Roy, UT

Great game effort by QB Hill, but brings a warning: either improve protection and O-line play or we'll probably lose a QB to injury, (8 sacks, numerous hard tackles, everything on his shoulders). Better work Ammon Olson into coming games, I believe he will need the experience to do well when called upon.

Gilmer, TX

I agree with a comment I saw elsewhere that Anae's third quarter play calling is terrible--look at what the offense does in the third quarter! If Hill can learn how to throw away the ball and stop having a few terrible throws he will be fantastic. I hope the offensive line learns to block more consistently, though.

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