Veterans Day: A photo and quote tribute to America's quiet heroes

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"We have a duty as well to remember the history that our veterans lived and to appreciate and honor the history they made. We cannot expect future generations to understand fully what those who came before saw, experienced, and felt in battle. But we can make sure that our children know enough to say "thank you" — those two simple words that can mean as much or even more than a medal."

— Bill Clinton, November 11, 1998
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Lehi, UT

This morning my daughter and I drove over the 600/500 E overpass in Lehi. A lone soldier was standing on the sidewalk at the top of the overpass facing South. He was in dress uniform, standing at attention next to an American flag he had posted on the fence. We were really moved to see the respect he had for veterans who are and have served in our armed forces. So cool!

Murray, utah

thank you DN for the pictures, but my heart especially goes out in gratitude to all those brave men and women who have served and who are serving now. As I get older, your sacrifice becomes more real to me and more poignant. so often, it is in the prime of your lives, that you've given up family, comforts, safety, leisure and even your lives. We look back this year as the centennial of the beginning of World War I--such devestation and loss of innocence. World War II brought new horrors and inhumanity, but a war fought with so much purpose. Korea and Viet Nam less celebrated, and in the case of Viet Nam--so few veterans were accorded any respect. It's long past time to change that and to reach out to VN vets. And to those who served in Iraq and now Afghanistan--to those of you who have been deployed multiple times and who went without a draft--I pray God will bless you and keep you safe--and let you know that you are not forgotten. I am trying to teach my children to honor those who serve our country

Thank you for your service

Taylorsville, UT

One way to help, and to help many at once is to keep the pressure on our Senators and Congresspeople to allow the VA adequate funding to take care of the real number of veterans we have here and to upgrade the types of services they provide. Part of the reason for leaving so many wounded vets without help is budgetary. Some of the care the VA provides seems to be very outdated and narrow. (Hence the inadequate response to the suicide rate, for example)

Also, the VA needs to be more transparent so corruption can't hide within its walls. But slashing the VA's budget 'as punishment' only leaves your wounded loved one without help.

Layton, UT

Having your feature started with a quote from Bill Clinton, a man who once proclaimed he "loathed the military" and purposely dodged ROTC service, is obscene and disrespectful to all who have served (which includes myself, USMC, 1979-1985).

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