Mike Sorensen: Midterm grades are out for the state's college football teams

Published: Sunday, Oct. 13 2013 5:07 p.m. MDT

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Scott G Winterton
The trick for the Utes now is following up Saturday’s big victory with wins against teams that aren’t supposed to be as good as Stanford. I think the Utes will lose at Oregon and beat Colorado at home and split the other four games, leaving them at 7-5 with a spot in the newly named Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl.
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Class act
Washington, UT

Utah has lost three players to season ending injuries i.e. Scott, Murphy, Blechen. All starters.

The Utes are 10 points from being undefeated.

The Utes beat all their in-state rivals.

The Utes play an unbelievable schedule facing multiple top 20 teams.

Journalist disrespected the Utes. Let's give them an A.

Lincoln City, OR

How about an incomplete... Let's see how they do on the road in conference... They haven't even been out of the state yet... That will be the real test...

I think they have a good shot at 6 wins (wins against Washington State and maybe Colorado), but I don't think they get 7... (They lose against Oregon, USC, and Both Arizona schools)... Maybe a rematch with the Cougs in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl... That would give me a reason to go to SF in December.

Samurai Jake
Salt Lake City, UT

Get it right, Sorensen: Utes deserve an A-, Cougars deserve a B-, Chuckie-less Aggies deserve a C+, and Weber State deserves a D-.

Predicting the Utes lose to both Arizona schools plus USC is a slap in the face.

Looks like Sorensen bleeds smurf blue.

Go Utes!

Reno, NV

The article is badly organized. To get the part about the other teams you have to click on "Utah's Outlook." How about titling the link "Utah's Outlook, and all other teams"?

On the other hand, maybe this explains why the Ute trolls comments on BYU articles. "An article about Kyle Van Noy? There must be something here about how awesome my Pac-12 membership is!"

In all seriousness, please, Ute trolls, savor an awesome win against Stanford. Act like you've been here before. (Hint: you have ... see 2008 Sugar Bowl). Show us BYU fans you are really a big time program by IGNORING US AND OUR WAC-ky SCHEDULE.

But, by the way, Sagarin's predictor rankings has BYU and Utah ranked pretty close at 21 and 24.

Las Vegas, NV

Why should BYU not defeat Notre Dame or even Wisconsin. It isn't like either team has better personnel. Frankly, both teams offenses play right into BYU's strengths. I believe BYU at least splits those two games. I agree on the others.

Las Vegas, NV

Good luck to all schools with the second half of the season.

I thought from the beginning that Utah would be 7-5. Granted, after the close losses to OSU and UCLA, I started doubting my prediction. But, after watching the game on Saturday, and seeing the Utes' improvements and resolve, I think now that 7-5 will be the lowest Utah will go. Certainly higher than the sub-.500 record most UC prognosticators predicted.

It will be nice to have three bowl games this year for the state of Utah!

Go Utes!!

Iowa City, IA

Samurai Jake, Sorenson has been with DN for a very long time and is quite balanced---he is far from a BYU homer, that'd be Dick Harmon.

Utah needs to show they can win on the road---they haven't even been out of the state yet. Beating Arizona and USC is far from a given, but I'd love to see it. Saying the Utes will split their games vs ASU, Arizona, USC, and Wazzu is not a slap in the face, I think it's pretty realistic. This is a tough league, pundits consider it the second best best and closing in on an overrated 2013 SEC. Case in point: Auburn is the 8th SEC team in the top-25 and Wazzu took them to the very end in week one. Every PAC-12 team has a winning non-conference record. Arizona has play makers, including Ka'Deem Carey and USC showed improvement offensively, even without Marquis Lee.

So Sorenson's prediction based a lot on past performance and not simply last Saturday. While it's obvious winning out would be awesome, it's not likely.

Still Go Utes!


BYU and Utah fans need to seriously chill out. The game is over, now both need to move on with their hate. It's pathetic how people hide behind a screen name and say this venomous crap. Utah can't give props to BYU for beating Texas, BYU can't for Utah beating Stanford. How about good job on a nice win? It's getting old, really old.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

The only bad team the Utes play here on out is Colorado, and even they may surprise other teams in the league. The Pac-12 has never been so deep as it is currently. The win over Stanford will probably go down as the second biggest victory in Utah Ute history by year's end. That win is something to build on. I see the Utes getting enough wins to go bowling. I would LOVE to see more than just six wins. If they do beat Arizona this week I would feel 8-4 is likely with losses at Oregon and at USC (this is not a Kiffin USC). If they fail to beat Arizona they should get to 6-6 (wins against Arizona State and Colorado at home).

BYU has all the tools to run through the rest of the competition. Wisconsin will probably be the hardest of those games, but BYU barring injuries should be ready. I think they end up 9-3 and get to ten with a bowl win.

USU wins 4 of 5 to get to 7.

Ogden, UT

Why all this talk about Utah needs to prove itself on the road from BYU fans, when BYU has left the state once to get beat by lowly Virginia? It's fine if you think Utah needs to prove itself on the road, but don't leave out BYU if you're going to use that argument.

I think this weekend's game against Arizona tells us how good (or bad) Utah is. It's so hard to say right now. After the Oregon State loss, it looked like Utah wasn't very good. But now OSU looks pretty darn good and would likely be top 10 had they not slept through opening day. So, it's tough for me to say how good Utah is, but I do think they are better than I ever anticipated (I predicted 5-7). They win this weekend, they will get to 7 or maybe even 8. They lose then I think it's 6 wins for the season.

BYU will lose two more games. I can't say which, but I think it's fair to say they lose two of the games against Houston, Boise, Notre Dame, and Wisconsin. The rest they should win, barring a complete mental lapse or just atrocious game from Hill.

USU looks dreadful since the injuries. I hope they havne't given up, but it sures looks like maybe they have. They can still salvage a decent season, even with the non-injured personnel they have left. I think 6-6 or 7-5 is likely.

Weber has to be one of the worst teams in the entire country and no way should they receive a D. They need an F. It's been a complete failure of a season, and I go to school there. So I am a fan and I'm not just hating on them.

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