From 1 to 33: Ranking the basketball teams in the Pac-12, MWC and West Coast conferences

Published: Thursday, Oct. 10 2013 11:51 p.m. MDT

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2012-13 record: 9-20, 3-14 WAC

Postseason: Eliminated in first round of WAC tournament

After a dismal 2012-13 season, the Spartans won't find the sledding any easier in their first year in the MWC. First-year coach Dave Wojcik will have two significant returnees, though, as Chris Cunningham (10.7 ppg, 29 starts in 2012-13) and D.J. Brown (9.2 ppg, 28 starts) come back. The real story of San Jose State's offseason, though, was putting five large Spartans at midcourt on its home floor.
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ute alumni
paradise, UT

how did the utes get ranked so high?

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

If Utah doesn't win at least ten games during the non-conference schedule portion I will be surprised considering the schedule. This should be the year the Utes get into some sort of post season tournament.


ute alumni, maybe they shouldn't be, but neither should BYU and Utah State. This will probably be another Oh-fer year for the state, barring an unlikely conference tournament run for any of them.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

ute alumni,

Maybe it's because Utah had more than twice the number of top RPI wins than byU

Just another benefit of being in a real league.

Frisco, TX

I'd like to see the Utes get in, but there is no way they get a post season invite this year. They lost a lot of offensive firepower and will struggle to get to .500 even with 10 easy non-conference wins. The non-conference schedule will not prepare them for conference play. Loveridge will be a force to be reckoned with, but beyond him there are solid players but not great players. The hemoragging seems to have stopped, now Krysto needs to focus on rebuilding and developing the team.

Even though I think the Cougs will be on par with last years team, I think we have a real good chance of winning the WCC and getting the NCAA invite. Neither the Zags nor the Gaels will be quite as strong as last year. My "insiders" tell me that both Collinsworth and Mika are looking awesome in practice. I hear there's a good chance Collinsworth will be at the point and Carlino will be at the 2. Can't wait for tip-off.

The Solution
Dayton, OH

We're already being overhyped. Last year BYU couldn't beat St. Mary's, but now we are already being ranked above them. I don't like it. We have big shoes to fill with Davies gone. Let's wait and see before we get too full ourselves.

Chris B, I don't know where you got that bogus stat but that's not true.

Lindon, UT

Maybe Chris didn't bother to look at the list. BYU is # 6 and Utah is # 16. Not even close. The Uties will not be going to any postseason tournament in any sport for a while. Oops, forgot about girls gymnastics. LOL.

Eagle Mountain, UT


I guess we will see who the best in the state will be again when the utes are watching their tv's during march

11 of the last 12


Salt Lake City, UT

Should be a great year USU and BYU. And Utah should be a bit better than last year, too.

And Chris, when are the rundown Utes coming up to the Spectrum? I'm stoked for that game (if it ever happens again).

pocatello, ID

Lindon, UT
Maybe Chris didn't bother to look at the list. BYU is # 6 and Utah is # 16. Not even close. The Uties will not be going to any postseason tournament in any sport for a while. Oops, forgot about girls gymnastics. LOL.


The season has not even started yet. The list is opinion based. There are other lists made up by people placing teams in different spots. Who cares.

Eagle Mountain, UT

@Chris B

No matter how bad you think we are we beat U

sound familar?

caleb in new york
Glen Cove, NY

at chris b - are you saying that you would consider a 2-28 or a 1-29 season by team A to be more successful than a 22-9 season by team B as long as team A's one or two wins are over teams with RPIs higher than the teams that team B beat? That seems a little ludicrous.

BYU was not that much better than the U last year. BYU won a close game against the U last season and made it into the bubble discussion and was awarded a bid to the NIT. The U was competitive for a lot of their conference play and had a few quality wins.

BYU clearly had the better season last year.

The U is also in a better basketball league.

Despite being in the better basketball league, the U was nowhere near the bubble and received not a single bid to any of the post-season tournaments.

Las Vegas, NV

"Here's our best guess" People - this list in not fact and you cannot draw any type of logical conclusions from this article. This is the opinion of two DN writers, there is nothing factual or scientific about it. That they put byU at #6 proves that they are byU homers, but that's ok. It is their article and their opinions and they have the right to place them where they want.

My opinion, which means nothing, would place byU lower than St Mary's. I would have them at around 9 or 10 based on them losing a lot of the team and relying on unproven youngsters. I think, based on Utah's improvement, that Utah is probably right at #16. That means, for now, Utah is still not up to par with byU. But who cares?!

The only thing that matters right now, and that will prove anything, will be what they do on the floor. December 14 will be fun and will be hard fought.

Here's to a great basketball season. Good luck to both teams and may they both exceed expectations. Nothing but respect for Coach K and Coach Rose.

Go Utes!!


BYU at #6? That's a stretch, even for the Deseret News.

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

Will the "Utes" now be forced to change their name/mascot?

Lehi, UT

Utah should be improved this year.

It remains to be seen what BYU will do.

I'm excited to see how the Aggies compete playing in such a tough conference. Top RPI conference for several weeks last year and they look to be tough again.

Ogden, UT

This is college basketball, who cares? Watch the Jazz!

Park City, UT


It's laughable that you would take the time to respond to an article about a sport you pretend to care nothing about.

btw, isn't the Jazz goal to lose as many games as possible this year? Sounds pretty boring.

Marked it Down
Park City, UT

As much as chrisb and wacpaddled try to be brave and pretend that Utah still has a relevant basketball program, the truth is, the program that Majerus built died almost a decade ago.

BYU has owned Utah during the Dave Rose era:

7 in a row, 11 of the last 12, 12 of 15 during the Dave Rose era, 129-125 overall

BYU 209-66(76%), 8 20+ win seasons, 6 NCAA tourneys, 4 conf championships, consensus POY
Utah 116-137(46%), 1 20+ win season, 1 NCAA tourney, 1 conf championship

As far as BYU not getting any better; don't fool yourself, BYU got MUCH better.

Oh, and BYU(23-12, #57 RPI) made it to the semi-finals of the NIT and played in Madison Square Garden last year, beating Washington(18-12, #96 RPI), Mercer(22-12, #118 RPI), and So Miss(25-10, #27 RPI), before losing a close one to Baylor(22-14, #55 RPI), a not-so-minor accomplishment.

For reference:

BYU(23-12, #57 RPI)
Weber St(28-7, #78 RPI)
Utah St(20-10, #109 RPI)
Utah(13-18, #212 RPI)

Stringer Bell
Henderson, NV

Re: JonA "This is college basketball, who cares? "

You do. You read the article and then took the time to comment. Go Utes!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I strongly suspect that BYU fans that expect (maybe they are just hoping) the Runnin' Utes to stay in dumps forever are in for a rude surprise, that surprise may come this year, it may come next year, but Utah is rising out of the ashes and in Basketball Utah's highs have always been higher than BYU's highs.

While I admit it will be interesting to see how the "Utah Valley All-Stars" do in college over the next few years, the ability of Pac-12 Utah to spread its recruiting nets farther is going to make it tough for BYU to keep it current spot as the top dog in the state.


I get a little homerism...but byu at #6? I know that they'll be better than they were last year, but seriously #6? for that matter, Stanford at #7? drop those 2 down below sdsu and it might be a tad more realistic.

Overton, NV

Why is BYU thought to do better than St Mary's this year? Easy. Matthew Dellavedova is gone. He was the identity of that team. He was the driving force. Without him, will they be the same? Big question mark. Remember, he was the guy who made the winning circus shot to beat BYU in one game last year.

Is BYU ranked a bit high? Sure, but like many have pointed out, this list is a guess. The writers think that BYU won't miss a step and might even be a bit better. The season may prove them wrong. It may also prove them right. Time will tell.

As for the Utes getting better? We've heard that before. Many times in the past few years. I'll believe it when I see it.

Solomon Levi
Alpine, UT


"the ability of Pac-12 Utah to spread its recruiting nets farther is going to make it tough for BYU to keep it current spot as the top dog in the state."

Only in your dreams. BYU recruits NATIONALLY in basketball.

The 2013-14 BYU roster includes players from Utah, Arizona, Louisiana, W Virginia, Colorado, Nevada and Wisconsin.

Tooele, UT

What a worthless article / list! As the national writers / radio hosts say, lists are for the amateurs.

Honestly, I'm cool with New Mexico, and SDSU being where they are in reference to the PAC12, but give me a break... Gonzaga, BYU, St Marys who was recently slapped by the NCAA mind you have no place in there.

Yeah, BYU has owned Utah in hoops over the past few years. The common denominator is similar to the reason the byu football program had two conference championships in 06-07 in the MWC, Utah and TCU had to rebuild those years. Utah has struggled getting leadership. They have had awful point guard play. Bad recruiting! That all ended with Krystkowiak. Utah has some players, they have depth. Utah's schedule is set up to where they will play post season. I don't know what that means as far as which one. I think Utah can measure a great season on an NIT birth.

Utah lost some players last year, but gained so much more. Utah will be more dynamic, faster, and more athletic. This years team will set up the next couple of seasons!

Go Utes


i think the utes WILL be better this year. they got a couple good recruits, and are not the same 2 (?) win team they were a couple of years ago. Krys has slowly been rebuilding the disaster that he took over...


Wow Vegas Ute. You really went out on a limb to say that Utah wasn't quite on par with BYU. This BYU program is stellar and while Dave Rose is around, it will be near impossible for the U to consistantly get the top in state recruits. This should be another great year for Dave Rose and the BYU cougars. Go cougars!

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

The ute fans are a fickle bunch thinking they even belong in the top 33. Even better is scheduling 11 of their first 12 games at home. That is no way to build a program. Even with the first 11 games at home they will still be well below .500 for the season. Coach K needs to go and Utah needs to hire a coach that has the guts to schedule road games. He did the same last season and look how that turned out.BYU still owns the utes. 11 of the last 12. WOW. What a sad program.

Utah rules
Salt Lake City, UT

Being a Utah fan I question their ranking. They should be in the mid 20's. I am very disappointed in Coach K for scheduling 11 of the first 12 at home. This will hurt them later in the year. It may be time for a coach that has the courage to schedule road games and help the players build some road toughness.


I'd really like to argue with where Washington is placed because Nigel Williams-Goss is going to be a huge upgrade over Abdul Gaddy and Andrew Andrews is going to be a year older. Both are dynamic playmakers that should give Washington one of the best guard combos in the Pac-12. Then you add in Blackwell, who unlike Aziz should actually provide some reasonable offense, and add JC transfer Mike Anderson and promising freshman Darin Johnson and you should have a team that can win 10+ in conference. But I can appreciate the idea of making them prove it. They were quite a disaster last year.

Omaha, NE

Scouts has BYU 2013 class ranked #21, and only 3 teams on this list rank higher than them. BYU just reloads and reloads. The recruits from LP are completely solid. BYU will be in great shape, once more.


Utah rules, aka Down under, you are not now, nor were you ever a Utah fan. But nice try.


Solomon Levi, the 2013-14 Utah basketball roster has players from Utah, Canada, Germany, California, Serbia, Brazil, Georgia, Texas, and Washington, D.C. What's your point?

Lincoln City, OR

utah had a good run in the PAC12 Touney but other than that (and their win against Boise State) they had a horrible year...

Playing lower level programs to pad your W-L portfolio is not going to help the utes, in fact it will hurt them come March... And what's worse is that it does nothing to prepare them for Conference play...

I will be shocked if Utah gets a chance to play beyond their Conference Touney... I also suspect that they will lose their in state games again this year...

Progress is relative... Will the utes be better??? Than last year? Probably, but that will put them all the way up to awful...

ute fans need to come out and support them this year... The attendance last year was horrible and for a team that belongs to the PAC12 they need to do alot better because they are embarrassing us all of the way down here in Provo.

BYU could be special this year, depending on how fast Mika and Collinsworth come around... If those two show up the Cougs will have a very solid 8 to 9 man rotation...

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