The odd, the bad and the arbitrary: 30 things shuttered by the shutdown

Published: Tuesday, Oct. 8 2013 1:48 a.m. MDT

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Associated Press
The Lincoln Memorial, one of Washington's most recognizable attractions, was surrounded by gates on the first day of the shutdown, keeping people off of the steps where Martin Luther King Jr. stood to give his famous "I Have a Dream" speech and away from the sculpture of the nation's sixteenth president and the engraved words of the Gettysburg Address and Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address.

There has been some debate over whether or not the monument was closed during previous shutdowns, with one 1995 Associated Press photo showing barricades and "area closed" signs around the monument, and another showing people walking around the interior of the marble structure.
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Mesa, AZ

Surely, President Obama has realized by now that people expect this situation to be "fixed," and down the road when this debacle is discussed his name will be the name remembered and repeated. This situation is quickly becoming a serious black eye, and he will be remembered as the President who "authorized" closing the national parks and monuments. Some legacy.

Sandy, UT

The government would be far better off without 800, 000 of its employees. The fact that the administration has to pay to fence off public parks shows this to be true. If they didn't most people would not notice that the government had "shut down." We need to cut the fat out of government, but there are too many of us now feeding at the government trough. The American people should demand that the parks be reopened and that Obama and both houses of Congress be denied pay until they balance the budget.

Merritt Island, Fl

I am disappointed in how this story was presented. A sentence or two could have wrapped it up by saying Parks and Monuments are closed and spend more time on other functions. A park won't protect anyone.

The CDC was closed. Isn't that more important? The Department of Defense sent over 400,000 Civil Servants home. Who is supporting the troops? FEMA was sent home but were recalled in anticipation of a hurricane. The National Weather Service funds were cut off, but they continue working. There are a score more, all doing critical research in defense, medicine and science and protecting Americans not entertaining.

Your story did not mention that this nonsense is unnecessary. The ACA is the law. The House voted no less than 50 times this year to abolish the ACA and failed each time. Kill the ACA during and using the Legislative process not a Continuing Resolution which only CONTINUES operations to last year's funding. Republicans have a dozen unwanted laws now, what will happen after the next election. Retaliation? My fear is that this tactic will only open up an annual crisis management system and ignore the Constitution.

Star Bright
Salt Lake City, Ut

Funny how the monuments are closed,the parks are closed and yet how many employees does it take to put up the barrygates and post workers to keep Americans/Vets out? Even arresting the "greatest generation" (VETS) when they are at THEIR MONUMENTS! Yet they are allowing an immigration rally on the mall this week end.
As one park ranger said, "we were told to make it as difficult and hurt as many as we can with the closures!"
0bama's government golf course is open and available for him.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

If National Park Service employees can be used as thugs to maximize pain for Obama's political purposes; imagine how healthcare will be managed by the IRS

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Politicians heap punishment on the little people in the expectation that the little people will influence their political enemies to cave.

If President Obama would shut down the federal air ports and close the federal highways, that would get the attention of someone who could actually effect politicians. Businessmen.

Riverton, UT

And to add to Counter Intelligence's thoughts, if we were to have another government shutdown in the future, imagine the pain that this president would want to impose by shutting down government run health care, again, just to prove a point.

USS Enterprise, UT

Obama and his administration are looking more and more like spoiled brats. What this article didn't point out was that Obama's favorite golf course on Andrews AFB and Camp David were left open. His justification for the golf course was that it is privately funded. There were many examples here of privately funded locations that were shut down just to cause pain.

Now, lets look at the next step here. With the ACA, and all of the government insurance pools, who is to say that the next time there is a budget crisis that the healthcare of those people won't be used to punish the american people.

This is the biggest reason why we cannot allow for universal healthcare. The government can use it to punish the US citizens or to grant favors to the politically connected.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Time to legislate by votes on bills and not backdoor obstructionism. Vote on the bills please.

Lafayette, IN

That the men who stormed the beach at Normandy during WW II can then be kept out of the WW II memorial by yuppies who have never been close to a military uniform is outrageous. But then shame seems to have been brushed off as an inconvenient emotion.


Add Sly Park, staffed by Sacramento County school employees in California.

Sioux City, IA

What both major parties, the Senate, the House, and the President need to do is accept the truth.
We need to balance the Budget and pay down the principal on the Nat'l Debt and we need to do it now.
1. Increase tax levels back to 1980.
2. Reduce the budget back to 1996.
3. Use the extra money available to pay down the principal on the Nat'l Debt until it is back to $4bn or less.
Then they need to restore tariffs on goods and products brought into our country. This will help to bring back manufacturing jobs that pay better wages to fuel our economy.

Tuffy Parker
Salem, UT

This is all a bunch of hoo-hah and nothing but showmanship by the Administration. It's all about show and driving perception and has almost nothing to do with funding or lack thereof. For example, the panda-cam at the National Zoo has been turned off but the care of the animals is still underway. I'm trying to calculate the cost of leaving the panda-cam running... Anyone have any ideas? Maybe it costs more to keep the Vietnam Memorial open - or not.

There is one bright spot I noticed in the slideshow - The FLOTUS's Twitter account has been limited!

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Thank you for the list.
Obama is acting vindictive here, closing open air parks.
What the list doesn't include is that there is a march for illegal aliens in Washington today. THAT wasn't canceled.

Pendleton, OR

I can understand locking the doors of buildings and sending everyone home but I cannot fathom, even trying very hard, how putting up barriers to wide open spaces and privately owned/or operated homes and tourist activities serves to save money or even make people notice a fight between parties at the federal level. It only serves to anger people who would not be calling upon any services anyway as in those who would hike in the parks; or those who would drive through the parks on the way to somewhere else. I also cannot see how continuing "enforcement" activities such as standing watch and taking pictures or arresting/ticketing constitutes a "shutdown" action.

Cedar Hills, UT

How much did it cost to make all those signs?

utah cornhusker

Dont pay congress and the president till it gets resolved. I bet if that happened they could come up with something

Sandy, UT

In the private sector, "non-essential" is otherwise called "unemployed." Maybe the bright spot will be that a few taxpayers and voters will actually see how life can go on without all the billions going to "non-essential" employees and "services." And I'm sure they're spending more to keep people OUT of recreational areas that it would cost to let them come and go at will. When I visit national parks, the LAST thing I need is "help" from some Federal employee who will support Obama perpetually in exchange for exceptional salary and benefits. What I want from the government is what most people actually NEED from the government: for them to get out of my pockets and out of the way.

DN Subscriber 2

Every one of those closed facilities would be open and running normally if Democrat Harry Reid's Senate cronies would just pass the bills already passed by the House, and if Obama would just sign the bills.

Their selective shutdown choices are truly a Machiavellian scheme to inflict maximum visible pain on ordinary citizens for purely partisan political gain- by the Democrats!

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

My retirement accounts dropped 5% today. The President and Congress have guaranteed pensions. They continue to make life harder for the citizens they are supposed to represent in order to force their policies. At the same time they have their own health care, their own retirement plans as well as many other goodies.

It is good to be king!

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