USU-BYU report card: Aggies struggle without Chuckie Keeton while BYU's Taysom Hill shines

Published: Saturday, Oct. 5 2013 1:31 a.m. MDT

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Statistically, backup Craig Harrison (8-13, 42 yards) actually did better than Keeton (4-10, 26 yards) by halftime. Overall, Harrison went 18-41 for 184 yards and one touchdown. In three drives with Keeton and the rest of the way under Harrison, USU could not generate a sustained offense.

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West Jordan, UT

Wilson at Utah: The anointing will have to wait; Keeton at USU: Looks like the Heisman is gone from the trophy case; BYU rises to the top and yes, Chuckie wasn't there, but last I looked, he didn't play defense; This marks three in a row where BYU has taken Keeton out of the mix--maybe a little too much hype; Best thing about the emergence of Taysom Hill is that this is only his 11th game...he is only a sophomore...I like the future with these guys!


I am not going to talk like many of the Utah fans and state my team's invicibility and "complete dominance". I will talk rationally. Keeton knocked out of this game changed it dramatically. This game could have been a loss for my cougars if Keeton was well. At the very least it would have been a very close game, decided by a few plays. That is about all that separates the 3 teams in Utah is a few plays, a turnover, missed opportunities in the "blue zone".... I feel bad for USU because of how awesome and how pivotal Keaton is. Now he is gone. This is the same guy that beat Utah last year and almost did again this year.

Gilmer, TX

frugalfly, you may be right, but BYU was ahead when Keeton went out because of Van Noy's interception of Keeton that he returned for a TD. Remember that last year Keeton had dismal stats against BYU. If BYU could only get their act together when playing Utah!!! Fortunately, Hill is beginning to pass fairly well.

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