10 things you might not know about Harry Potter

Published: Thursday, July 14 2011 4:27 p.m. MDT

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As the Harry Potter era comes to a close with "The Deathly Hallows: Part 2," fans are soaking in as much of the wizarding world as the muggle world will allow. Many have read and reread the "Harry Potter" series, but over the years J.K. Rowling has spilled the beans on her decisions about characters, her personal connections to characters and her inspirations. Here are 10 facts about the series you may not know.
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Weston Jurney
West Jordan, UT

Quiddich? Running around with brooms between their legs?

And I thought Trekkies were geeks!

Salt Lake City, UT

you forgot to mention the biggest unknown Harry Potter fact out there... that Dumbledore is homosexual... as said by Rowling herself.

Joe Moe
Logan, UT

I love Potter, have read all the books twice, seen all the movies.....but Quidditch is a fundamentally flawed game. I'm talking about the scoring. Anyone who plays anything based on the premise of Quidditch is doing it purely for kicks, out of fanatic love for Potterdom, not for the love of competition.

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT

Dumbledore is not gay as far as I'm concerned. She did that for publicity... just like Pottermore, and any other after-thoughts she might have.

I will live in my denial and aint none of you's gonna stop me! :)

Walt Nicholes
Orem, UT

Interesting: She "understands" her characters. As if they were real. She made them up - of course she understands them!


Rowling didn't declare Dumbledore to be gay during the books because of the outcry and massive rejection such a plot twist would have produced. She copped out afterwards in declaring so during a fan event after all the books were published, purchased, and read, hoping to gain the social benefit without reaping any of the financial punishment. As I believe only in the "canon" of what she chose to put into print, I don't believe it. Put another way, I'm not a Latter-Day Saint Potterphile who believes in continuing revelation to update what is true, I'm an Evangelical Potterphile who believes in the word and the word alone.

Joe Moe
Logan, UT

LOL Axe-man! Interesting comment!

When attention starts to decline in a couple years, she'll probably have a press conference to announce that Harry is bi. Then a few years later she'll have another press conference announcing that Ron cross-dresses, and a few years later that Neville has a sex-change operation. Oh, and Hermione probably ends up having an abortion because she doesn't want that fourth kid. And Mr. Weasely probably smokes weed recreationally, and why should that be illegal? OK, I'm done I think.

But I get your point about throwing things out there after the fact, which aren't in the books. Even if it's "true" (she's the author, she can say what she wants), what's the importance? It's just hokey.

Compare that to authors like Orson Scott Card and Terry Brooks, who make a point of NOT adding things that aren't in the books. Terry Brooks, when asked a question about a character in a book, "Good question, I don't know, what do you think?"

American Fork, UT

Good points, Joe Moe. Although Orson Scott Card has kept writing and writing and writing about his Enders Game Universe, adding additional perspectives and information along the way.

Henderson, NV

You DO all realize that Dumbledore is a fictional character, don't you?

Layton, UT

I like the series but it deffinately has some major logic flaws... The one the bugs me most is Hermione can time travel to attend two classes at the same time and Harry and Hermione trave back in time to buckbeak.
So why don't they travel back in time to save Dumbledore and everyone else who was killed. Why doesn't Dumbledore just time travel back and kill or rehabilitate Tom Riddle when he was a boy.
Time travel should have never been introduced into the story.

Bountiful, UT

Dumbledore is no different than any other character in Harry Potter or any of those people who dress up.
I will stick to Marvel Comics movies and role playing games as far as my geek level will ever take me.
Twilight,Harry Potter,and Glee are too Dumbledore for me.

Born that Way
Layton, UT

I have to agree that Snape has to be one of the more tragic-flawed characters in the series. I like how she resolved his troubles in the series. He walked a dangerous line all the while, and managed to fool the big bad guy throughout the whole series. A great reflection on love, cowardice, falling in with the wrong crowds, and how the search for power corrupts our best intentions. Probably one of the more complex characters in kid's lit these days.

Dumbledore's background was a distraction from the story. I think she really messed up revealing the whole orientation aspect. Leaving it an open question gave the series more appeal--and doesn't require some companion novel to explain it. Now the series is used to browbeat people--rather than the point of that aspect of the story which was to overcome one's fixations and lusts for power--no matter what way they're born.

Lafayette, IN

These characters are all fictional. They can be gay to one person and not to another, and both are valid (which makes fictional characters sort of like electrons, they can be at different places at the same time).

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