How BYU, Utah and USU's opponents fared in week 5: Wyoming, Wisconsin fall, Oregon State, Arizona State surging

Published: Monday, Sept. 30 2013 1:10 a.m. MDT

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BYU has had a very interesting two weeks, to say the least.

Following the honor code suspension of senior linebacker Spencer Hadley for five games and a subsequent loss to Utah, senior wide receiver Cody Hoffman was also suspended for Saturday's game against MTSU because of a violation of team rules. That was before the game.

In the Friday night contest, BYU overcame five turnovers to win by 27 points, a very rare accomplishment. Taysom Hill again torched the defense with his legs and showed marked improvement in the throw game.

BYU's opponents had an up-and-down week themselves. Though the Cougars have been eliminated from national championship contention, the goal of finishing the season with a Top 25 record is still well in reach, particularly because of a decent showing from the majority of BYU's opponents.

Here's a closer look at how BYU's opponents played over the weekend.
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BYU: opponents combined record: 34-20 (32-18 excluding BYU)
Team-AP Rank-Coaches' Poll-Sagarin Rating
Virginia: UR UR 78
Texas: UR UR 44
Utah: UR UR 32
Middle Tennessee State: UR UR 110
Utah State: UR UR 26
Georgia Tech: UR UR 34
Houston: UR UR 59
Boise State: UR UR 33
Wisconsin: UR UR 15
Idaho State: N/A N/A 212
Notre Dame: UR UR 37
Nevada: UR UR 90
Top 25: 0 Avg. Sagarin Rating: 64

Utah: opponents combined record: 35-16 (34-13 excluding Utah)
Utah State: UR UR 26
Weber State: N/A N/A 201
Oregon State: UR UR 50
UCLA: 12 13 11
Stanford: 5 5 6
Arizona: UR UR 28
Southern Cal: UR UR 38
Arizona State: 22 24 16
Oregon: 2 2 2
Washington State: UR UR 46
Colorado: UR UR 83
Top 25: 4 Top 15: 3 Top 5: 2 Avg. Rating: 45



Utah State: opponents combined record: 23-32 (21-29 excluding Utah State)
Utah: UR UR 32
Air Force: UR UR 120
Weber State: N/A N/A 201
Southern Cal: UR UR 38
San Jose State: UR UR 87
Boise State: UR UR 33
New Mexico: UR UR 152
Hawai'i: UR UR 130
Colorado State: UR UR 96
Wyoming: UR UR 71
Top 25: 0 Avg. Rating: 93


You're saying Wisconsin is unranked but polled 15? Doesn't make them ranked?


bigirsh, I don't know you don't understand this information, even with a key above all of it. Wisconsin is rated 15th according to the Sagarin computer ratings. This is NOT a poll. AP Media Poll and USA Today Coaches' Poll are polls.

West Valley, UT

What I think is funny that even though Ute's have a 18-4 against BYU and USU, that just shows how bad the state of Utah is at football. The last two seasons have not been good for the Ute's. The football programs in this state will never be great, good coaches will always use the state of Utah as a good way to move onto better programs. Urban Myer, Gary Anderson were able to do great things with average players but that does not last. The coaches that we currently have are all just average and that is how all programs in this state will be, is just average. USC has shown that you can have high ranked recruites and players but with an average coach you will just be an average team.

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

It's truly sad how pitiful the MWC has become, I can't imagine what possessed Boise to return and be forced to play the drudges of the league Wyo, CSU, UNLV, and half a dozen others. If you took away the wins vs Idaho, UTEP and New Mexico with their dismal records the entire MWC would have 4 wins out of conference against FBS teams. The league is closer to the Big Sky than anyone dared think. Anyone try and catch CBS-Sports BTW access hasn't changed much.

MWC Wrap
                    Record Conf Non-conf.          
Air Force   1-6      0-5   1-1.                         Colgate-W.                  Navy-L
Boise St.   3-2.    1-1.      2-1.                       So Miss-W.                  Wash-L
Colo St.      2-3.   0-0.  2-3.                      CalPoly-W.                 Alabama-L
                                                                                 UTEP-W.                     Colo-L
Fresno.       5-0.  2-0.   3-0.                     Rutgers-W
Hawaii.        0-5.  0-3.   0-2.                                                        USC-L
Nevada.      3-2.   2-1.      1-2.                     UCDavis-W.                UCLA-L
New Mex.  2-3.  0-1.      2-2.                    UTEP-W.                      UTSA-L
                                                                               New MexSt-W.            Pitt-L
SanDiegoST 3-2  2-0.  1-2.                    NewMexSt-W.             Ohio St-L
SanJoseSt.   2-3   1-1.    1-2.                     SacSt-W.                      Stanford-L
UNLV.         3-2.      1-0.   2-2.                   CentMich-W.               Minn-L
                                                                                WestIllnois-W.            Arizona-L
UtahSt.       3-3.    2-0.   1-3                     WeberSt-W.                USC-L
Wyo.             3-2.    1-0.    2-2.                    Idaho-W.                      Nebraska-L
                                                                                NorthernCO-W.       TexasSt-L
NonCon record 18-22
NonCon FBS record 8-22. 
Vs BCS 0-17 IND 4-1  (2 vs Idaho, 2 vs New Mexico St, 1 vs BYU)
Winning % of FBS opponents in wins- .214  (6-22)
Winning% of FBS opponents in losses- .715 (68-27)

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

Let's not neglect how far the MWC has fallen. In games out of conference vs FBS teams they have won 8 losing 22. Take away the truly awful teams like New Mexico St 0 wins, Idaho 1 won, and UTEP 0 wins, the entire conference has 3 wins vs non-conf FBS teams. MWC Wrap
NonCon record 18-22
NonCon FBS record 8-22. 
Vs BCS 0-17 IND 4-1  (2 vs Idaho, 2 vs New Mexico St, 1 vs BYU)
Winning % of FBS opponents in wins- .214  (6-22)
Winning% of FBS opponents in losses- .715 (68-27)

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