10 reasons not to give up on BYU's season

Published: Wednesday, Sept. 25 2013 11:59 p.m. MDT

After the offense struggled again in the team's most recent loss to Utah, many BYU fans appear ready to give up on the season.

Here are 10 reasons why not to:

Landon Walters is a history and political science major at Salt Lake Community College. He is an avid sports fan and loves writing. Email: mavericksoccer_22@hotmail.com

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ET Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

BYU. Has the fastest 3 and out offense in the nation.

Sandy, UT

As long as Coach Anae is calling the plays.... nothing will change on offense... PERIOD!

He has no feel for the game and making adjustment. Just look at the Utah game when they were in the Blue zone and he called three straight up the gut plays.... nothing...

Get rid of Anae and get a "Real" Offensive Coordinator....

Love the defense.

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

That is the biggest piece of fluff I have ever read. If this BYU team accomplishes even five of the ten items in this piece I will be impressed. Four in a row and three years to go.

Mcallen, TX

It's well disguised, but bias penalties early in a game, keeps an offense very conservative. Utah State, Wisconsin, and BYU all scored low because of it. All had more penalties than their non-PAC 12 games combined.

Another reason not to give up? no more PAC 12 refs.

The Middle Of, UT

Here are a few other reasons:

Utah State - Go Aggies
Boise State - Go Broncos
Notre Dame - Go Irish
Wisconsin - Go Badgers

At least there will be a good football team (or two) in Provo this year (for a few days before they return home).

Ragnar Danneskjold
Bountiful, UT

Is anyone else getting tired of the articles on here that are a link to a list? Why open a new page? Strange.

As far as the article, there is still more to watch. The biggest thing to watch in my mind is how the team, and more importantly the coaches, handle some of their shortcomings. With the new OC's over several years, and getting rid of the staff, we still see the same excuses from Bronco. Will BYU make the right choice and finally go with the QB that has the talent with his arm, and not just his legs? There has been a lot of wasted talent on the offensive side of the ball. It will be interesting to watch if BYU learns from their mistakes and puts these guys in a position to excel.

Salt Lake City, UT

Slow down the offense. #1 priority. Going faster than your personnel is capable of doing is a recipe for disaster. Hill is overthrowing, underthrowing, and throwing to the wrong place a lot of the time. 35% completion rate is unjustifiable - especially at BYU.

When you have a running quarterback, the receivers lose motivation to run their routes to completion, since they see the QB short-circuit their efforts by taking off on the run while they're 10-15 yards downfield in the middle of a route. Force Hill to stay in the pocket and go through his reads before taking off on the run. It's bad to have a QB that wants to run for 125 yards a game, but only pass for 188, since it limits your offense and teams can key on the run and shut you down. Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Boise State, even Georgia Tech, will all realize this and BYU will struggle trying to be one-dimensional against them.


I think those that are already unloading on Anae are barking up the wrong tree. Look at the difference in first half vs. second half production: BYU gained way more yards in the second half of both losses (117 vs 249 against VA, 206 vs 231 against Utah). Against Utah, the offense was actually working pretty well in the second and third quarters (133 yds and 138 yds), and I think we would've been ok if we didn't go down by 2 TDs and lose our game plan because we had to play catch up. I think the offense WILL work by wearing teams down and out-executing teams (which is really a better play for BYU than trying to out-athlete teams), but with a few caveats.

We can't go so fast in the passing game that Taysom and his receivers aren't on the same page.

The receivers HAVE to be better at catching the ball!


While go fast and go hard works pretty well in the option/run game, it is shooting us in the foot in the passing game. If they offense is going too fast for the QB and receivers to be on the same page in reading the defense, then it is going too fast for itself. That's probably accounting for 10-15% of the missed passes.

The dropped passes also have to stop. Somebody said they counted 8 drops in the Utah game, I saw at least 5 in the Texas game, and there were quite a few against VA. If those 8 vs Utah were caught, Taysom is at 55% passing and I think we win that game. Dropped passes are accounting for another 10-15% of the total missed passes.

Not dropping passes will also help Taysom's head. I'm sure Taysom's inaccuracy is frustrating the receivers, increasing the number of drops, but the drops are frustrating Taysom and probably decreasing his accuracy. Hard to pin a number on it, but I bet this accounts for >5% of the misses.

If we can fix these issues, Taysom could again be a 60+% passer and the offense would be just fine.

Cottonwood, CA

Are you joking? The kicking gamer is an embarassmwnt. 32 yes is not much range. Wait till they need a 42 harder to win or tie. How did that work the last two years..taysom hill can get it downfield at lease 20 yard over the receivers head. They can do much better


One encouraging sign from the game against Utah was watching Braden Kearsley, a true freshman frustrate one of the U. linemen so much that he took a cheap shot push at him and Kearsley didn't back down. I predict he will play a greater role in the o-line. He has the right attitude to help this line improve. Go Cougars!!

Bountiful, UT

A couple of things.
If Kyle Van Noy is such a great leader why was he not voted captain by his team mates? Why was he by himself so much at the end of the game instead of talking to and encouraging his team mates? He can do some amazing things on the field with his skill and athleticism but being a leader doesn't seem to be one.
Also if ALL of the BYU receivers are having issues catching the ball logic would say that the problem probably lies with the thrower not the catcher. Hill has problems with mechanics and footwork as well as putting too much on the ball. And he doesn't go through his reads its pretty much throw to the first option receiver or take off running. Maybe if they slow things down for him he might make some good reads.

Greenwood, IN

fboy, How do you know if Hill is always throwing to his first option receiver? Do you know what all of the progressions are on each play?

Roy, UT

Many negative comments here...as for me, I'm an optimist, and I like Y's potential on both sides of the ball...Brandon Kearsley, at last a name to put with the offensive line...I wish to read more about each individual on the o-line, and how the players are rotated in when playing fast and hard, who is doing well, etc....more info, more info, announcers do not give names of offensive line during the game, I'd love more focus on that...Taysom Hill, Williams, & other skill players are soooo dependent on the o-line, why not give them some print space???

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

fboy, don't mean to single you out, but here goes.

Maybe KVN wasn't voted team captain because "team captain" isn't his style of leadership. Multiple ways to lead, not all of them get you elected something.

And try this on for size. Maybe if Hill DID tuck and run after only one read, instead of 30 incompletions, he would've had 150 more yards of offense. Think that would have made a difference in the outcome of the game?

Your underlying thought is essentially correct, but your exaggeration and aggressive tone kinda blow the whole thing.

Kearns, UT

I haven't written the Y off this season, but my expectations are a bit tempered.

KVN has to be a defensive leader. He can't be a monster one quarter and whiff tackles the next.

Hoffman has got to catch some balls, even when they're not perfectly placed.

Hill is nearly turning the offense into a one dimensional team and every team that is going to play the yet this season knows it. Shut down Hill, shut down the run game, because there's only a 37% chance he'll hit someone. He's got to improve drastically, or they may even be in danger with MTSU.

I'm not a Bronco fan, just to put that out there. Hiring Anae back was not the most brilliant decision. Bronco has got to take hold of the coaching staff by the face mask and let them know this is HIS team, they work for HIM, and they need to be more aggressive all around like his defense is. If he can't somehow do that, it's time for him to go.

Brent T. Aurora CO
Aurora, CO

As someone firmly committed to blowing off the rest of the season, something I settled on after the Virginia game, re-considered after Texas, and now embarrassed and humiliated after Utah... the article caught my eye. Disappointing -- you gave no good reasons. Should Wisconsin sit atop the polls and the B1G when they play BYU (having beaten Ohio St) this would be a reason to watch BYU play spoiler. If that goes well, I'd watch them play Notre Dame.

But let's be honest. With no conference affiliation the only the thing worth seeing is an undefeated season (which was hoped for and EXPECTED this year with a great SOS that meant we'd play the last BCS Championship) and possible national title. If there is nothing to win, who cares about week-to-week games? The only individual game of any interest when our season is less than perfect is the Utes -- whom we should have crushed.

Scott Farcus
Beaver, UT

@ worf

Utah v USU was BIG 12 refs.

Wisconsin was a well officiated game.

Dings your creditably

Next time byU and Utah meet, have Holmoe and Bronco get some referees from the Independent conference.

West Point , UT

Bottom line: put guys in positions that best suit them and the success of the team. Taysom Hill is a beast athlete but if he hasn't shown the ability to throw the football accurately after 3 games, it's time to re-evaluate.

After watching Taysom more this season there's a great RB that won the Doak Walker award that he reminds me of. Put Taysom in the backfield with Jamal, and in the slot for screens, etc and let him do what he's shown he can do...run the football. That's the beauty of the position BYU coaches are in...you don't have to go to Hill and tell him you're yanking him, you tell him he's starting at RB with Williams, and you give Olsen a chance to run things at QB.

BYU coaches need to learn from their mistakes & stop trying to put a square peg in a round hole. Lets not ride Hill in hopes that at some point (after more losses) he will succeed. Let him do his thing and let someone else throw the football...simple.

Scott Farcus
Beaver, UT

@ DRay
"more info, announcers do not give names of offensive line during the game, I'd love more focus on that...

Simple, Honor, Spirit and Tradition.

West Point , UT

"Wisconsin was a well officiated game".

Did you honestly post that with a straight face? I watched that entire game...it was an officiating debacle even without the absolutely ridiculous last few seconds. Wisconsin got completely jobbed in that game, and everyone knows it except PAC12 apologists like yourself.

That said, I won't blame referees for losses. If a team plays at the level they're capable of and avoids mistakes they don't have to depend on inept officials ~cough PAC12 cough~ to help them. BYU beat themselves by not blocking, passing, and executing. Utah was the better team last Saturday. Whether they're the better team for the season remains to be seen.

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