Must-know facts and stats going into BYU-MTSU game

Published: Wednesday, Sept. 25 2013 11:08 p.m. MDT

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Turnovers and penalties are killing the Cougars. An interception against Virginia cost BYU a win, and a penalty negated a much-needed kickoff return for a touchdown against Utah. The timing and circumstances of these mistakes seem to be more lethal than the number of mistakes — although the volume of mistakes is still a concern, since BYU averages 7.33 penalties per game.
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Idaho Falls, ID

Do heads roll if we miss a bowl?

The Solution
Las Cruces, NM

The blue zone stat is incorrect. 12 of 14 suggests we've only missed on 2 scoring attempts. We missed more than that in the Utah game alone. To the author, what do you define "red" zone as?

The Middle Of, UT

Blue Zone = Red Zone ?

Is there a wiki/faq/dictionary available for BYU football terminology?


Not so, The Solution, I checked the play-by-play just to be sure and BYU made it into the red zone 5 times against Utah and scored 2 field goals and a TD. The misses were an incomplete pass on 4th and 4 (to Thornton on the goal-line) and a missed field goal.

I checked the other games as well. A "perfect" 9 for 9 (4 TDs and 5 FGs).

Note: The only other scores for BYU all year have been on T. Hill rushes of 26 and 68 yards respectively.

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