Breaking down Middle Tennessee State, BYU's week 5 opponent

Published: Wednesday, Sept. 25 2013 2:05 p.m. MDT

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On paper, BYU has the advantage in every way. The Blue Raiders employ a run-first offense, which plays to the strength of the BYU defense. The defense won't be able to stifle Taysom Hill the same way that Virginia and Utah did. Furthermore, the Blue Raiders will struggle to keep up with BYU's up-tempo offense in the high altitude of LaVell Edwards Stadium.

However, this isn't a team to take lightly. Head coach Rick Stockstill has helped his team accomplish things at Middle Tennessee that many thought impossible, like win a bowl game in 2009. BYU should win big, but it can't afford to sleep-walk and expect an easy victory.
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Christopher B
Ogden, UT

Byu against Middle Tennessee, with nothing on the line and no one paying attention outside of provo, lds wards elsewhere, and whatever city middle Tennessee is from.

Utah against top 15 national powerhouse UCLA, with the Pac 12 South title and Pac 12 title game very likely on the line

Good luck to everyone

west jordan , UT

Christopher B

Since your big brother now why dont you go play with you cool friends in the pac 12 and leave little brother alone to play on TV with is friends from around the nation and let us enjoy football?

Since you cant stop beating the pac 12 drum to BYU fans that just means that you know that even if BYU loses to Utah, BYU is still a good football team and program and that BYU's best football days are ahead no matter what happens with Utah.


You'd think Ute fans would know that they don't play UCLA until next week. Learn to read a calendar.

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Middle Tennessee State! Why didn't BYU schedule East High and give them the money to be a punching bag game. Even with BYU's stepsisters of the poor offence they should win by at least forty points. Four in a row and three years to go.

Mission Viejo, CA

@Silent Lurker:

East Tennessee State would probably beat Weber State.

Wake me up when Utah or USU beats a ranked team this year.

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