Cost of health insurance per month calculated for 36 states, including Utah

Published: Wednesday, Sept. 25 2013 12:37 p.m. MDT

Associated Press
The White House released a report on Tuesday breaking down some monthly insurance premium estimates for the 36 states where the government will support or fully run the Health Insurance Marketplace.

The marketplaces are set to open on Oct. 1, and Americans should be able to use them to shop for and purchase health insurance, in compliance with the Affordable Care Act.

For 27-year-olds, the average lowest monthly premiums are estimated to total $129 for a catastrophic plan, $163 for a bronze plan and $203 for a silver plan. Tax credits will affect those prices, lowering them for those who fall in the proper income levels.

The report also showed how much a 27-year-old making $25,000 per year will, on average, pay for his or her insurance, as well as what a family of four making less than $50,000 will pay on a monthly basis.

Click here for an expanded look at the government report
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American Fork, UT

As a component of the various taxes I pay in Canada, my socialised medicine, or 'health care' as it's called there, looks pretty good by these numbers.

Cardston, Alberta

Hofer, Waldner, Kleinsasser, or Tschetter???

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